Falcon Flyer

August 2018

Riverview Elementary

At Riverview Elementary all stakeholders are dedicated to empowering each student to achieve his or her full potential.

The ABC's of RE

Welcome to Riverview Elementary! Here at RE, we REally love logistics and student safety, and we try REally hard to communicate district and building expectations. To help out with some of the frequently asked questions, please REad over the ABCs of Riverview and some Frequently Asked Questions.

A -Attendance-If your child will be absent from school, please call the attendance line at (913) 441-0185 or online at https://www.edlinesites.net/FormDisplay.page.

You can also email Lisa O’Donnell at LODonnell@usd232.org

B - Birthday Parties- It is school policy to not allow birthday party invitations to be handed out at school unless ALL children in class are invited. We are not allowed to give out any contact information for other parents of children you want to invite or pass your information to them. This policy is strictly enforced. The best way to handle this is to make sure your family's information is included in the school directory as this is where we will direct parents wanting this type of information. Please be watching for PTA information about how to get your information included in the directory.

C- Conferences– Parent Teacher Conferences will occur once in the fall (9/26, 9/27) and once in the spring semester (2/13, 2/14). This is a great time to ask questions, see how your child is doing, and voice any concerns.

D - Drop Off and Pick up times are as follows. Students cannot be dropped off prior to 8:30 am in front of the school, and only families paying to use JCPRD services may use them for supervision before 8:30am. The only exception is Breakfast (8:25 am). See Arrival & Dismissal Map for more detailed information.

If you arrive after the scheduled time please park and escort your child into the front office as they will be considered tardy and need to be signed in. Please do your best to arrive within the designated times so that your child does not miss out on educational involvement.

· BREAKFAST is served from 8:25-8:45 am. Only students eating breakfast at school should be in the building at 8:25.

· Morning Drop off—8:30am-8:45am. Do not drop students off in front of school before 8:30 am.

· Afternoon Dismissal—3:50pm

E - Emergency Preparedness - As we work to continually improve our safety policies and awareness, we implement stringent procedures to protect student and staff safety. Please see Safety Section below the ABCs for more information regarding drills and safety protocols.

F- Falcon Pride – Please consider purchasing Falcon Spirit Wear through the PTA. We have several Falcon Spirit Days throughout the year when students are encouraged to show their Falcon pride.

G- Grading- Based on data collection and parent reports we will evaluate where your child is performing and look for areas of improvement and success. You will receive the data information twice during the school year through Skyward. We use a Standards-Based Grade Card, and more information can be found on the Riverview Website.

H- Handwriting Without Tears- Handwriting without Tears is the curriculum we use to learn the proper formation of upper/lower case letters, shapes, and numbers as well as many other fine motor skills. You will hear words like: big curve, little curve, big line, little line.

I- Illness- See the Illnesses Written Exclusion Policy Section below the ABCs.

J- Jackets- Students continue to go outside for recess when the weather is above 25 degrees. Please make sure your child is dressed appropriately for being outdoors as some days can be quite chilly. When temperatures are below this range, students will have indoor recess.

K- Kindness- Kindness is expected at all times. It is our job to teach our children to show kindness and learn that we all come with special qualities and abilities.

L- Lunch - Parents (or other adults approved by parents) are welcome to eat lunch with their children in our cafeteria. You may order a lunch from the cafeteria by calling the school office by 9:30 a.m.- this allows us to be prepared for you. If you'd prefer, you are welcome to bring in an outside lunch for your child and yourself only. Please do not plan to bring lunch or share lunch items with children who are not yours. Visitors for lunch may only sit separately with the student they are there to visit.

M- Managing Communications- Most communication coming home will be in your child’s Monday folder. School-wide announcements are typically only placed in the oldest child's folder to save on paper copies. Any items you send back to the school can be placed in the folder, or other items can be sent in, such as checks for lunch money, PTA fundraisers, etc., any day of the week.

N- Newsletters- You will receive classroom newsletters and, once a month, a building newsletter (The Falcon Flyer) outlining important information related to Riverview and your student’s education. This is a great place to pull information from when asking your child about his/her day; i.e. "What was your book about today?" “Congrats on the extra recess reading reward!” An “On Deck” email will be sent out each Friday outlining the upcoming week’s school-wide activities.

O- Occasional Texts- Occasionally there will be time-sensitive reminders available through text, as well as timely information sent out by the district. Receive emergency information, school closings, early dismissals and administrative reminders on your mobile device. This text and email service is free, but check with your mobile provider as text messaging and data rates may apply. To subscribe >> https://tinyurl.com/yckasuwr

P- Pets – Per district policy, pets are only allowed on school property for instructional purposes only, and through prior approval of the principal. For the safety of all Riverview community members and students, pets are not allowed on property during arrival and dismissal.

Q- Questions- We want the most successful year for everyone involved, so please don't hesitate to contact your classroom teacher with questions, concerns, or things you see happening at home that may be beneficial for us to know. You can contact Mrs. Mildren at (913) 441-0808 as well.

R- Routine- With children this age, routine and schedules are of the utmost importance. We try to stick with the same schedule everyday with very little variance in classrooms, and this would be something to consider incorporating at home for homework time, reading time, and bed time.

S- Snacks and Treats- We ask that all snacks and treats be healthy and peanut-free. Since snacks and some treats are eaten outside of the cafeteria, if peanut butter is eaten in these locations, it can contaminate playground or classroom equipment. Your child is still welcome to bring peanut products at lunch because there is a designated area to keep children with allergies safe and hands are washed after lunch. We really appreciate your help is keeping your child’s snacks healthy and peanut free!

T- Transportation- If there is a change in your child's transportation please let the office know (913-441-0808; LODonnell@usd232.org) by 3:00 pm so we can ensure they make it to the right area. If an unfamiliar person is picking your child up, please let them know that we may ask for ID to ensure the safety of the child.

U- YoU- Thank you for entrusting your children to us. We do not take our job lightly and fully understand that elementary school is a critical period for developing the love of learning and setting a strong foundation for a successful educational career! Parents are very important in their child's education and the first teacher in their child's life. Please look at the work they bring home, praise their efforts and hang a few things on the fridge, wall, or cupboard.

V-Vocabulary words- Each week your child will be learning new vocabulary words based on their units of study. Practice asking your child what new words they are learning, and drawing attention to those words in ‘the real world.’

W- Waste – The large waste bins behind the building are for Riverview’s use only. Please do not use waste receptacles on Riverview’s property to dump extra household trash, as it is considered illegal dumping.

X- X-tra Special Days- There are a couple days throughout the year that we consider extra special and need extra adult volunteers to make them successful. Each grade will have at least one field trip this year. Our Book Fairs need many adult volunteers to stay open for all students to visit. The end of May includes an all school Field Day, and the kids have really enjoyed this event in the past. Please be on the lookout for opportunities to volunteer to help out with these events through the school and PTA!

Y- Younger siblings- Unfortunately younger siblings are not allowed to the classrooms during any type of party or event according to district policy. Thank you for your understanding and arranging for child care of younger siblings so that you can focus on your school-aged child during these special events.

Z- ZZZzzzzzs- It is very important that your child is getting between 8-10 hours of sleep per night. Make sure you set and keep a bedtime. What a wonderful gift you can give your child each morning when they wake up refreshed and excited to go to school where they will be alert and ready to learn.





In an effort to reduce the amount of time it takes to get through morning car loop, the Arrival car loop is CHANGING, effective the FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL.

WEST Front Car Loop Arrival: For K-2 Oldest and Only

  • Kindergarten, 1st, and 2nd grade students who are Only Children, or
  • Kindergarten, 1st, and 2nd grade students with younger siblings
These students will use the WEST Car Loop (the side of the building with the playground and large blue Riverview banner). This loop will also have busses coming through, so please do NOT pass cars or busses in this car loop. All cars need to stay in a single-file line. Adults will direct traffic to help get busses through efficiently. 5th grade Honor Patrol students or staff will assist at each cone for the West Car Loop young students. All students MUST exit out of the passenger side of the vehicle.

EAST Front Car Loop Arrival: For Grades 3-5 Oldest and Only

  • 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students who are Only Children, or
  • 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students with all younger siblings

These students will use the EAST Car Loop (the side by the cafeteria). This car loop will not be staffed by Honor Patrol. Students in grades 3-5 are expected to be able to independently get out of the car without assistance, and they can help any younger siblings do so as well. All students MUST exit out of the passenger side of the vehicle. An adult will be supervising this car loop by the front crosswalk.

Afternoon Dismissal car loops will not change from last year; Grades 3-5 Oldest (and younger siblings) and Only Children will be in the front EAST car loop. Grades K-2 (and younger siblings) and Only Children will be in the Back West Car Loop.

View the new Arrival and Dismissal Map and Procedures HERE.

School Safety Procedures

School Safety Procedures at Riverview

Student safety is our priority, and we work with diligence and fidelity to improve procedure and hold ourselves to the highest standards. Thank you for your continued support as we work to provide a secure environment for our students.

  • Fire drills, Tornado drills, Intruder drills, and other Crisis drills will be held throughout the school year. Teachers talk with students, in an age-appropriate manner, about procedures and purpose at the beginning of the year and prior to the drill.
  • We utilize the ALICE system for drills and in the event of an emergency regarding an intruder.
  • All visitors to the building must enter through the sign-in and wear an orange, visible ID lanyard or provided VISITOR sticker area between 8:30 - 4:00.
  • When a visitor/volunteer signs in, the building secretary checks with the teacher to verify the purpose of the visit. Teachers have been directed to decline unexpected visitors during instructional time.
  • Parents may deliver items to the office, the teacher will be notified, and the child or teacher will pick items up at the teacher’s discretion. Parents are not allowed to deliver items to the child in the classroom (coats, homework, lunches, etc.) during the school day.
  • Visitors may not walk with children back to the classroom after lunch.


  • One door in the cafeteria will be available for drop-off and pick-up, and will be staffed by a JCPRD worker at all times.
  • Parents may not leave the cafeteria and move through the building during drop-off or pick-up. Please do not ask JCPRD staff to be let into the building to retrieve lost/forgotten items after school hours.
  • JCPRD staff must wear visible ID at all times

Transportation Changes-
  • Parents must notify the office by 3:00 pm with any going-home changes for their child. They may not request going-home changes for any other students.
  • If a child wants to ride home with a friend on the bus, parents must notify the office at least one day ahead of time.

Illness: USD #232 Written Exclusion Policy


A. Students should be excluded from school with the following symptoms:

1. Temperature 100° or above (the students should remain home until fever-free for 24 hours).

2. Severe cold, cough, sore throat, sneezing,headache.

3. Severe nosebleed that cannot be stopped with ordinary first aid.

4. Vomiting, upset stomach, diarrhea (students should remain home until they have been free of vomiting/diarrhea for 24 hours).

5. Abnormal menstrual cramps.

6. Overly tired, run down.

7. Suspicion of contagious diseases, especially if child has been exposed.

8. Sudden rash accompanied with fever.

9. Red watery eyes or purulent draining eyes.

10. Infectious appearing skin lesions.

11. Fainting, seizures, if complications are present.

12. Emotional crisis.

B. Dismissal of Ill students

1. Ill students should typically be dismissed by the nurse but in special circumstances may be dismissed by teacher, principal, secretary, or appointed personnel.

2. Students must not be sent home until parents or designated responsible person is contacted.

Attendance & Absences

If your child will be absent from school please call the attendance line at 913-441-0185 by 8:45 am.

You may also email Lisa O’Donnell, Attendance Secretary, at LOdonnell@usd232.org as well.

  • Good attendance is essential to success in school. Absences are at times unavoidable due to illness or family concerns.
  • Students are expected to attend school and to be present and punctual for all classes each day that school is in session. The only acceptable reasons for absence are: Illness, court appearance, family emergencies (funerals, critical illness), religious holidays, and school-sponsored events.
  • Absence for illness will be excused upon receiving verification from the parent no later than the day the student returns to school. Students are expected to make up work missed. Building Principals may request a doctor’s statement if the absence is for more than three days in a row, five days per semester, or seven days in a school year.
  • Absence by parent request for family and personal reasons is acceptable provided arrangements are made through the Building Principal in advance of the absence. The number of days allowed for parent request will be limited to five per semester. Make-up work is expected.
  • Unexcused absences and repeated, excessive tardies are subject to truancy under Kansas Statutes.

Late Arrival (After 8:45 am)

If a student arrive after 8:45 am and there are NO Honor Patrol students actively opening doors, parents need to park their vehicle and walk their student into the school and sign them in as tardy.

Early Sign-Out (Before 3:50 pm)

Parents need to park their vehicle and come into the school building to request their student for early sign-out. Students will not be called out of class until the parent or person picking them up comes into the office to sign them out. If a parent is sending another adult or older sibling to pick up a student, the parent must notify the office that this person has permission to pick up the student. Please make sure you are allowing yourself enough time to wait for your student to be called out of class. If your child is between classes it might take 5-10 minutes to locate your child. We appreciate your patience in our effort to maximize learning time for students and to keep them safe.


  • Parents (or other adults approved by parents) are welcome to eat lunch with their children in our cafeteria.
  • You may order a lunch from the cafeteria by calling the school office by 9:30 a.m.- this allows us to be prepared for you. Adult lunches are $3.55 and can be paid from your child's lunch account. They might even think it's cool to buy you lunch!
  • If you'd prefer, you are welcome to bring in an outside lunch for your child and yourself only.
  • Only students with visitors are allowed to eat in the Family section of the Cafeteria. Please do not plan to bring lunch or share lunch items with children who are not yours.
  • Your child is welcome to bring peanut products at lunch only because there is a designated area to keep children with allergies safe and hands are washed after lunch. We really appreciate your help is keeping your child's snacks healthy and peanut free!

2018-2019 Lunch Schedule

Kindergarten - 11:45 - 12:12

1st Grade - 11:00-11:27

2nd Grade - 11:16-11:43

3rd Grade - 12:15-12:42

4th Grade - 12:45-1:12

5th Grade - 1:00-1:27

The August lunch calendar can be found on our district website HERE.

On Deck: Upcoming August Events

On Deck: Upcoming August Events

· Tuesday, August 14First Day of School for ALL K-5 students. HALF-DAY ONLY; School is out at 12:10 pm. Please make necessary arrangements for dismissal and after-school child care. Lunch will not be served, please send a snack.

· Friday, August 17 – Free PTA Ice Cream Social (RE Cafeteria) 6:30-7:30 pm. All RE families welcome! Come socialize, enjoy ice cream, and celebrate the start of a new school year!

· Saturday, August 19 - Ethnic Enrichment Fair RE Meetup at Swope Park! Event hosted by the RE Diversity team.

· Tuesday, August 21 - Skate Night - Riverview Students are invited to skate at Skate City, 6:00-8:00 pm. Portions of the proceeds benefit the PTA.

· Wednesday, August 22, Watch D.O.G.S. Kick-Off Dinner, 6:30-7:30 pm in the cafeteria. Calling all Dads Of Great Students! Dads and kids are welcome to attend an informational session of how to join Watch DOGS, learn about All Pro Dads, and enjoy Pizza West pizza, complimentary of the PTA.

- Wednesday, August 22 – Diversity Team Meeting 6:30 pm in the library. Open to all parents interested in creating an inclusive and culturally aware school community!

- Monday, August 27 - General PTA Meeting 7:00-8:00 pm in the Library. Open to all RE parents.

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School Supplies

If your family needs assistance with school supplies, please do not hesitate to contact the office at 913-441-0808 or email BMildren@usd232.org.

Arrival & Dismissal School Map and Procedures

The Arrival & Dismissal school map outlines the procedures for all students K-5 with visuals.

2018-19 District Calendar

Click here to see the district 2018-19 school year calendar.

A-E Essentials Calendar 2018-19

Keep track of which Essentials class your child has using the 2018-19 A-E Daily Letter Calendar.

USD232 Electronic Flyers -- Includes Clubs at Riverview

Here you will find some summer camps and activities right here at Riverview as well as throughout the district.

Student and Family Handbook

The BOE-Approved USD 232 Student and Family Handbook can answer parent questions on a variety of topics.

PTA News

Click here for the most current PTA News! All PTA information is located at REFalconsPTA.org 24/7! Check it out if you REally want to be in the know!