Natural Gas

Mrs Norman's Project. By Brandon Standfest

About natural gas

Natural gas is a nonrenewable resource . It is found deep in the earth's surface. Scientists have special tools to locate and dig up the natural gas. There are more uses for natural gas than heating. Some uses are electric power (30%), industrial (32%), residential (21%), commercial (14%), and other (3%.) There are factories where the natural gas is dug up, pipes transport it to homes and then it produces energy for heating and other uses. Where it is found:

Other things about natural gas

We use it for water heaters or just normal heaters, stoves, clothes dryers, fire places, or just fuel for our car. Natural gas can save you a lot of money. Instead of using normal heat from a heating company you can use natural gas (you might need some assistance if you like your eyebrows). You can use if for water heating, normal heating, cooking, and even washing clothes. There are no products made from natural gas. Businesses people and industries use natural gas for many purposes.
Cost Benefit video:

Impact on us

Natural gas is an extremely important source for preventing pollution and keeping a healthy environment. Natural gas is the cleanest fossil fuel. The main ingredients of natural gas are carbon dioxide and water vapor. Burning natural gas instead of other fossil fuels reduces air pollutants. Some advantages are that if you switch from oil then it can prevent oil spills. It is also not poisonous to humans.