In the middle of the night, estimated time 1:30 AM, three young lads went a'missin'. All that could be found that day was missing food from the parent's homes, including ham and bacon. The town sent out a search party, but nothing came up untill the second day. A raft was reported missing! When the news of this spread through town, their was a brief sigh af relief. The boys were suspected to have gone a'ridin' down the river untill they got to the nearest town. All hope vanished when the raft was found crashed up against a large rock in the middle of the Mississippi. The boys are reported dead due to drowning, but the search is still going on so if anyboy has any news or information about these poor lost boys, please let the sheriff of St.Petersburg know of it.

Mark Twain Interview

Q: Mr.Twain, why did you choose the allusion to Robin Hood in the woods scene?

A: Well, I'm not a very good writer, as you may very well know, so when I came to this part I didn't know what else to do.

Q: You had a scene where children were smoking and got sick. By writing this, do you mean to say that you disaprove of smoking?

A: Of course not! I would put out a good word on it for any child!

Q: This book is based off events in your childhood. Did you actually see a murder?

A: Yes, I did. That moment has scarred me mentally and will continue to for the rest of my life. That is why my writing is so odd.

Map Of The South

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