Level Best

Europaen Solidarity Corps Project

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When? Where? Who?

What: European Solidarity Corps project "Level Best"

When: April 1st 2019- January 31st, 2020

Where: Sumy, Ukraine

Who: 3 volunteers from Bulgaria

What is “Level Best”

The ESC project “Level Best” involves 3 volunteers from Bulgaria and is the result of cooperation between two organizations from Ukraine and Bulgaria.

Volunteers will support young people's and euroclubs members’ initiatives and participate in various forms of voluntary activities, such as charity events, animal and elderly people support, mentoring youngsters, food banks, fundraising etc. as well as involve them into local and international projects of CEI. Together with volunteers, young people will participate individually or in groups in non-profit, unpaid activities and events.

As the today’s school and university youth, as the target group, will create Ukrainian’s future, the main aim of the project is:

- formation of a clear civic position,

- the development of a sense of personal responsibility,

- creation the positive image of Ukraine as a European state.

One of the successful aspects of functioning of Association of School Euroclubs is the cooperation with the European volunteers who help to organize the regular weekly meetings in euroclubs according to their aims and objectives.

While conducting and leading the activities with youth volunteers will:

- improve the skills of a teamwork,

- raise the level of personal responsibility,

- develop problem solving and decision-making skills,

- improve communication and leadership skills as well as organization ones.

As a part of CEI and its volunteers’ team, European volunteers will become a connected link between the NGO and representatives of local community in implementing youth initiatives and expanding ideas.

We believe that volunteering experience will encourage the target group to be actively involved in youth work and develop their talents, get practical experience in the project work that leads to better career opportunity in their home countries.

Project Objectives

Objectives and aims of the project fully correspond to the principles, objectives and aims of the Erasmus+ programme in general and European Solidarity Corps in particular.

The main objectives of the project are:

- to promote European citizenship values;

- to improve the level of competence and knowledge in the field of youth work, active citizenship and participation;

- to raise awareness and understanding of other cultures and countries;

- to encourage intercultural dialogue, multicultural diversity, social inclusion;

- to foster new developments in the work of the participating organizations;

- to establish a platform of resources for Ukrainian and European youth in order to promote volunteering.

Topics addressed to the project

- Youth (Participation, Youth Work, Youth Policy);

- EU Citizenship, EU awareness and Democracy;

- Intercultural/intergenerational education and (lifelong) learning.

Project Partners

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Hosting Organization

NGO "Center for Euroinitiatives" (CEI) - is public nonprofit organization, created on the principles of voluntarily participation, human rights, freedom of speech, common interests, self-government and equality of rights for its members, as well as for the protection of our legal interests, rights, and freedoms.

Goal: to assist in the reformation of Ukraine in accordance with European standards, to introduce democratic values, and to develop civil society in Ukraine using educational and informational methodologies.

More information about CEI:

CEI Youtube Channel

Wordpress Volunteers' Blog "The Sumy Experience"

Supporting (Sending) Organization

NGO "Education 21st Century Foundation" - is a Bulgarian non-profit organisation engaged in education, culture and civil activities.

The association is an initiator of the establishment of public counsils as supporting bodies of local authorities that participate in local and international meetings and seminars on current issues in the EU – administrative capacity, education, governance and sustainability.

The Foundation actively cooperates to enhance and foster Bulgarian civil society supporting its effective and dynamic development, incorporating all good practices and examples established by other EU countries.

One of Foundation's objectives is directed to young and disadvantaged people, improving and boosting their social and civil environment, as well their public awareness and inclusiveness. Education and development of youth is what the Foundation envisions as a main priority and an essential step to young people’s further employment and social, professional and personal development.


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Participant's Profile

The project "Level Best" is for creative people who are interested in working with children, volunteering and helping people. CEI always encourages volunteers to develop new activities, own initiatives and ideas as long as they are in the framework of the project. We require no specific skills, but happy to have a flexible and creative people. Also we do not require any professional qualifications, but rather interest and enthusiasm.

We are searсhing for young people who:

- are 18-30 years old;

- are enthusiastic and energetic;

- are eager to learn, enjoy working with youth and full of creative ideas;

Strong organizational skills are considered very useful as the ability to communicate in English, and be willing to study either Russian or Ukrainian (as not all people they will work with speak English). In addition, people with singing, dancing, playing musical instruments skills are welcomed.

Moreover, volunteers:

- should be comfortable living on their own;

- be able to adapt to new situations;

- have good problem-solving skills;

- work and live in the mixed groups of volunteers from different nationalities that will have their project at the same time at CEI.

CEI does't mind to involve volunteers with fewer opportunities into the project and ready to accept such applicants with:

1) Economic obstacles;

2) Geographical obstacles;

3 )Educational difficulties

You can find more details HERE.

The project is inclusive and it is open for all interested people, who are under the demands of ESC volunteering projects.

Volunteers' Tasks

The main activities of the project will be connected with the Association of School Euroclubs. Volunteers will help to organize the regular weekly meetings in euroclubs according to their aims and objectives.

Implemented by volunteers activities will include involving local school and university youth focused on promoting European values, active citizenship, civic responsibility, solidarity, community service.

In the frames of the project volunteers are proposed:

- to participate in and lead Euroclub meetings;

- to organize various workshops and activities for children and young people;

- to conduct sport and active games;

- to lead thematic youth clubs;

- to organize entertainment events;

- to fulfill volunteers' blog and FB pages of the organization;

- to help organize and support the existing initiatives and events of the organization (Days of Europe, Volunteering Day, Christmas event, etc.)

- support all instructors in their regular activities in the workshops;

- to prepare own workshops (once a week / twice a month);
- to prepare media and marketing materials (pictures, presentations, films, leaflets, posters) of EVS and Foundation actions;

- to organize language classes for staff and local community;
- to carry out activities about the culture and customs of the country of volunteers.


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The Programme is flexible. It could be changed and adapted according to the interests and ideas of the volunteers. The dates of each event will be agreed with the administration of the establishments, where the activities are planned to be conducted. The working time is no ore than 38 hours per week.

The PROGRAMME will be added soon.

practical arrangements

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Visa procedure

The EU citizens need to make a visa for legal stay in Ukraine for period more than 90 days. For making visa it is required:

- a valid international passport;

- Cigna Insurance;

- project documents (provided by Hosting and Sending organizations)

You can find more information about visa HERE

Transfer to Sumy

You can get to Sumy from 3 main airports in Kyiv and Kharkiv:

In Kyiv:

In Kharkiv:

There will be the instruction letter with the transfer information to the place of venue as soon as the Hosting Organization gets your travel plans. You will get to Sumy either by train or by a minibus. The price of the tickets to Sumy from Kyiv or Kharkiv will be around 300 - 350 UAH (9-11 euro).

HERE you can check the schedule of the trains. If you need HO's support with the booking, we will organize it for you.

A seat in the minibus will be booked for you if you choose this means of transport to Sumy.

Living and working conditions

CEI will create the appropriate conditions for working and living in the hosting community.

Living conditions:

Volunteers will live in a shared apartment and accommodated in single / double rooms in the rented flat in the city center area. This is an average modest flat which contains all necessary things for living: a washing machine, a fridge, bed linen, kitchen utilities and kitchenware available for cooking, Wi-Fi router.

Working Conditions:

CEI office has a Volunteering room where the volunteers may prepare for their activities, language clubs etc. Each volunteer has a personal key from it. There is Wi-Fi access so if volunteers have a possibility we would recommend you to bring your laptop or a tablet for personal use. It is better if you have your own laptop in order to work at home. Volunteers may use the technical equipment available at CEI to prepare for your activities. The activities themselves will take place in different locations.

The first week after volunteers' arrival will be an adaptation week. Volunteers will see the place of work, get to know the people and the current volunteers, get acquaintance with people from the community.

The working schedule is flexible but no more that 38 working hours per week. If the volunteers are involved at weekends, they will get free days during the week.

Besides this:
- living money (100 euro per month in UAH) + pocket money (3 EUR per day in UAH) + local transport money (10 EUR per month in UAH);

- regular Ukrainian / Russian lessons given by the tutor during the project;
- internal trainings of CEI (integration week, regular upgrades);
- on-arrival + mid-term trainings organized by SALTO (in Kyiv or Lviv);
- coordinator’s, mentor's, staff support;
- educational workshops offered by a coordinator, mentor, staff members;
- study visits to partners' organizations;
- Cigna insurance (main responsibility of Sending Organisation),
- Youthpass certificate;
- round way trip reimbursement according to Distance Calculator of Erasmus+ Programme;
- work in the international volunteering team;

- a lot of funny extra work activities.

hosting community

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Sumy (Суми [ˈsumɪ]) is a city in north-eastern Ukraine, and the capital of Sumy Oblast (region). Population: 250 000.

The city of Sumy is located on the banks of the Psel River, at its confluence with the Sumka River. There are several versions of the origin of the name of Sumy. According to the first version, the name of the city comes from the name of the rivers it was founded on (the Sumka and the Suma).

According to another version, Sumy received its name after the 3 “bags” (“suma” means “bag”) with gold coins found on the site of construction. Today, these “bags” are reflected on the coat of arms of Sumy.

Some researchers believe that the name of the city comes from the Ukrainian verb “sumuvaty” (to grieve), appealing to the feelings of migrants who were away from their native land.

The architectural appearance of the central historical part of Sumy was formed in the period from the end of the 18th to the beginning of the 20th centuries. Today, Sumy is famous for its wonderful pedestrian areas with historical buildings, cathedrals, and monuments.

The City Day of Sumy is celebrated on the first Saturday of September in memory of the fact that the city was liberated during the Second World War on September 2, 1943.

welcome to 3D excurtion TO Sumy


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What are you still waiting? AlPPLY NOY!

contact information

If you need any support or have some questions - do ot hesitate to contact us:

NGO "Фондация Просвета 21 ви Век" - projects@education21century.info

NGO "CENTER FOR EUROINITIATIVES" - iryna.novak.cei@gmail.com

The project "Level Best" is financed with the support of Bulgarian National Agency. This publication reflects only the author’s views, and the National Agency cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained there in.