South Hill Designs

Independent Artist Caitlin Followell

New Limited Edition Lockets

South Hill Designs has just announced a first-of-its-kind creation called the “PINK.” The silver-toned locket is ringed by pink Swarovski crystals, creating a colorful and sparkling circle around the locket’s contents.

The PINK locket is unusual not only for its crystal embellishment, but also for the choice of sizes, including a “mini” which is a mere 0.75 inches across. The locket is the latest addition to the “Wear Your Story” line of jewelry that is the specialty of South Hill Designs. Customers select from a range of charms to place inside the locket, to express their particular interests. Each PINK Locket comes with its own 18-inch chain.

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About Us

South Hill Designs is the most exciting home party plan company to hit the market in decades. With a product that sells itself and an environment that provides no pressure to the hostess or guests, a South Hill party is the perfect social gathering. As the artist, I will bring a generous supply of lockets, charms, chains, coins, and droplets, and then show your guests how easy it is to make their own pieces. Each piece is uniquely personal, and you'll find everyone loves telling their story as they build their jewelry. A South Hill Designs Party is a great place to visit with existing friends and make new ones.