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Inventory/Disposition Edition


In order to be in compliance with Indiana federal inventory regulations, a physical inventory must be taken every year. Please use the following as guidelines when updating your inventory lists:

  • Items required to be included on inventory list are: Equipment, Property, and Technology purchased with Title I funds
  • All computer equipment (i.e.: computers, monitors, iPads, printers), technology-related purchases (cameras, iPods, interactive whiteboards, etc.) and furniture (i.e.: filling cabinets, bookshelves) are considered equipment.
  • Inventory Equipment List should be labeled "Federal Equipment and Inventory"
  • Dates that actual inventories were physically taken must be noted and signed off on by the person who took the inventory
  • ALL 10 questions must be answered on the inventory list for each item
  • Supplies/consumables (including books) are NOT included on the inventory, but still must be tracked (i.e..: separate document kept on site)
  • ALL supplies must be labeled "Property of Title I"

Inventory Heading Directions

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Please use the following as guidelines when disposing of Title I equipment/technology:

If/when technology or equipment is no longer operations or is broken...

  • It may be discarded
  • Must date the date of disposal on Inventory List

If you have a large amount of technology/equipment that is outdated, but still operational...

  • Adequate maintenance procedures must be implemented to keep the equipment in good/working condition.
  • If authorized to sell the equipment, proper procedures must be established to result in the highest possible return.
  • If the equipment is no longer needed, the equipment may be used for other activities (additional fiscal guidance as needed)
  • If item is sold, the inventory must record this and any documentation regarding the sale and keep on file.
  • State Board of Accounts may review any sales of items.

Calli Dado

VCS Director of Title I