My Class In 100 Years

Detailed model and observation of my class in 100 years


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A Girl Using a 3D Printer for Her Studies

As years have passed 3D Printers have gotten more affordable than ever. Hundreds of schools are already using this technology, and soon they will be all over the world. Like this girl above my class will probably have the newest mode of these printers. So, we will be able to study organs, artifacts, plants, animals and so much more. If we will ever have to eat in our class, we will be in line, not in the cafeteria but in our classrooms. One by one, everybody will print out their favorite foods in seconds and in a few minutes everybody will be talking and enjoying their food and even better it will be normal for everybody!

All books will be printed out, and we'll always have extras in case one goes missing. Most importunately, our furniture will be printed. Maybe we can even print out our own decorations, tables, chairs, etc. That would be fun. Every class can customize itself by their specialty. When a new class comes, the old decorations can be donated. Think about it... so many lives would be saved! Our life of education will be changed forever!

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Math Being Taught in the Future

What do you think? Will there be teachers in school? I believe that, not only in a 100 years, but in at least in a 70 years, robot will be teaching . In our latest technology, robots are starting to do a little bit of work. They still haven't been trained to do much work, but scientists are getting there. In a 100 years robots will help everybody and act as normal as teachers. They will probably have normal...

  • voices
  • hands, legs, fingers etc.
  • stationary

The robots will teach us math, English, S.S, etc in a slightly not normal way. Mostly everything will be taught in a practically normal way, but the only difference will be the technology. Furthermore, there will be a different robot for each subject and activity. Our special teachers will be robots. Well wait, not all our special teachers. Our voice is something that stays and cannot be removed or changed by a device. Our music/singing teach will stay the same. We wont even have to type or touch to answer or move a button. All you will have to do is connect a headphone type thing to your brain that will read your mind. That way our answers will be automatically entered into the 3D extra large i-Pad.