My True Colors

Lily Varney 4th Hour


-hard time fitting into academic routine

-learn by doing and experiencing instead of reading or listening

-need physical involvement when learning and is motivated by my own natural competitive nature and sense of fun


-seek relationships with shared interests

-like to explore how to energize the relationship

-need to be bold and thrive in physical activity

-like to give obvious pleasure to people through gifts


-gets bored with work that has a routine

- satisfied in careers that allow me independence and freedom, while utilizing my physical coordination

-like tools

-natural performer

Leadership Style

-expects quick action

-works in the here and now

-performance oriented

-flexible approach

-welcomes change

-expects people to make everything fun

Symptoms of a Bad Day


-breaks the rules

-running away and quitting

-use of stimulants

-acting out

-lying and cheating

-physical aggressiveness