Spirit Animals

Wild Born


Connor is a protagonist, 12 years old, has blond hair, broad shoulders and was a servant to help pay off his parents house, he has 3 brothers and 5 dogs to help him guard the sheep. On his eleventh birthday he was taken to the nectar ceremony. That is when you drink nectar. Nectar is what they call a thick liquid like molasses. When you drink it you see whether you will get a spirit animal or not. If you do not drink it and a spirit animal comes you could get bonding sickness. You could go insane or mad or get very sick. Connor did call a spirit animal. His spirit animal was Briggain, a wolf. Briggain is special because he was one of the four fallen. Four of the great beasts (Briggain, Essix, Urzra, and Jhi) died in battle and now they are coming back.

Abeke is a protagonist, has dark skin, black hair, alert eyes and is a courageous girl who would like to be a hunter. She is 12 years old and has a father and a sister who don't think much of her. On the ceremony she held a jar that she made as a baby. When she drank the nectar she called Urzra, a leapord. Urzra was also one of the four fallen. Something else happened when she drank the nectar, she became her villages rain dancer, someone who could make it rain.

Meilin is a 12 year old girl who is a general's daughter. She is tall, athletic, and has black hair. She has been trained in all combats, including her hands. When she went to the ceremony, though, whoever gave her the nectar had switched it with bile, a substance that is kind of like the nectar, but instead forces a bond and gives you complete control over their spirit animal. A great beast that is a snake got a connection with her when she drank the bile and was using her to see where they were going.

Another character was Rollan, he was a protagonist. He is an orphan. Rollan has brown unkempt hair, brown eyes and is very thin. Rollan never liked taking things unless they were thrown out or given to him. One day he needed to get some very expensive medicine for a friend so he started talking to the manager when his friend came in through the back and snuck some away. Rollan was blamed and put in jail. There he was given nectar and called Essix. Essix is a gyrfalcon that usually lives in the cold. Rollan was taken by the greencloaks and was given the choice to become a greencloak but he turned it down.


The theme of the book is that you need to be brave, courageous and ready for anything. One example of being brave in the book was when Abeke ran into the jungle and spied on the conquerors. An example of courage from the book was when Connor had to stand up to a bunch of conquerors. Finally, one example of being ready for anything was when some conquerors attacked Meilin from behind and she was ready for it. Using all of these characteristics, the four made it out alive and got a talisman from Arax (the ram that was guarding the talisman).

Connor, Abeke, and Meilin

Some characters from the book


This setting takes place at midday for all of them. During Connor's ceremony he is scared and nervous. When it was his turn he drank the nectar and it tasted like nothing he had ever tried. For Abeke when she went up there and tried the nectar, it tasted like root-and-nut soup. For Meilin when she tried it, it tasted so bad she had to force herself not to gag. For Rollan when he tried it, it tasted like sweetened toast.

Book Recommendation

I liked this book because of the action and excitement. I also liked it because of the descriptive sentences,like "The warm fluid was a bitter shock to her tongue." The book take place during an older time. You would not see buildings poorly made in America now these days. All in all this book really wraps you up.
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The golden lion was an example of symbolism. The golden lion was used to symbolize Cabaro. Cabaro is probably the best Great Beast out of all of them. Cabaro's talisman made the wearer roar so loud that whoever was in front of it was physically pushed away. This was used to show Cabaro's power.