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Solving for Why; Understanding, Assessing, and Teaching Students who Struggle with Math

PD Topic: K-8 Mathematical Instructional Best Practices

Dates: April 18, 2016 – May 6, 2016

Overview: This course will be a study of the text, Solving for Why. This researched-based text offers educators the tools and guidance essential for successfully solving for why students struggle with mathematics. The step-by-step, RTI (Response to Intervention)—like approaches, focused on assessment and communication with students, help teachers gain insight into student understanding in a remarkably different way than recipe-type approaches that assume the same solution applies to learners with similar struggles.

Course Format: Blended-Learning which will incorporate face-to-face sessions as well as a webinar portion.

Required Textbook: Solving for Why; Understanding, Assess-ing, and teaching Students Who Struggle with Math, by John Tapper

How to Register: Professional Growth System (PGS) found on your Employee Self-Service Page.