March 8th, 2019

Language Workshop

Unit 5 in Language Workshop is a unit that focuses on inquiry. The initial book in this unit was a nonfiction book that provided us with some important background information about motion. We discussed speed, friction and the forces of push and pull. Throughout this unit, we will read both fiction and nonfiction texts that relate to the idea of motion. The book we read this week How do Jet Planes Work? explores jets and how they move and function. We will continue to discuss the similarities and differences between this non fiction text and the fictional story of Violet the Pilot.


We have been learning about nonfiction text features while exploring various nonfiction books. The next time you read a nonfiction book together, see if your child can find the table of contents, photographs, words in bold print and the glossary!

We have been working on word families this week and next. Have your child come up with words that end in -at, -an, -ad. These are just a few examples. -it, -in, -id are others to play with! Rhyming is a fun thing to do as well to help students focus on beginning and ending sounds of words. We will continue to strengthen these skills at school too.

Math Workshop

We are finishing up our addition and subtraction unit this week. You child has had a lot of fun making number stories and challenging their partners to decide if it is an adding or take away situation. You can challenge your child at home with math stories using the words on the charts provided here! Next week we will be starting a measurement and data unit.


We are learning about the words and process of writing "How to" pieces. Children have been discussing how to make tacos and the steps it takes using the words first, next, last. They also prepared a peice about how to make a pizza.


We continue to learn about motion through experimenting with different objects and how they move. We are exploring the differences between pushes and pulls.

Friday Hooray Winners