Tonasket Middle School

December 2020 Newsletter

Students return to campus on Wednesdays!!

Starting Dec. 9th MS students will be returning to campus on Wednesday, on an early release schedule from 8:30 - 12:20. Each Wednesday students will attend based on their color cohort on an every other week schedule. This will be a normal school day for attendance purposes, and students will report to their homeroom class. The first two weeks for each cohort will be for the purpose of winter NWEA testing, after that students will continue in homeroom class. They will be focusing on grade checks, study hall, additional student support, social emotional learning, enrichment, and activities to build climate and culture with students.


Buses will run the normal early release schedule, which means morning pick-up is the same time, and buses will leave the school parking lot at 12:35. Afternoon bus stop times will be 2 hours and 50 minutes prior to their normal afternoon bus stop time.

December and January Schedule

NWEA MATH testing

Tonasket Pizza Company for all students

  • Dec. 9th - BLUE COHORT

  • Dec.16th - GOLD COHORT

NWEA ELA testing

Ice cream treat for all students

  • Jan. 6th - BLUE COHORT

  • Jan. 13th - GOLD COHORT


(Study hall, grade checks, Social Emotional, Enrichment, etc.)

Jan. 20th - BLUE COHORT

Jan. 27th - GOLD COHORT

Students who are NOT scheduled to be on campus on Wednesday will need to continue their grade level google meet with Jessica Bolt for attendance purposes.

Attendance and Off-site days

I wanted to provide some clarification to students and families about attendance expectations and off-site days. The state requires the school to document accurate attendance for students both during their remote learning times, as well as, their on-campus times.


On a student's off-site day, students are required to log in to EACH of their classes and respond to an attendance question by 3 pm. The purpose of the attendance question is only to provide evidence that a student logged into their google classrooms, these questions can be content-based or get to know you type questions. Attendance questions are not graded, as a student being “present” is different from a student understanding content. The goal however is that once a student has logged into their google classroom to answer an attendance question they are also working on completing assignments in their classrooms. Student’s off-site or remote learning days are NOT days off from school. Classwork expectations are that students are working on school work during their off-site time. A student can expect to spend equal time working off-site as a normal school day, in order to stay caught up on their school work.


On-site attendance is taken for each block. If students are absent from on-site days, they can not answer the question in google classroom to count for their attendance. On-site attendance requires them to be physically in the building on those days. Students, can, however, continue to work on their work in google classroom on days they are absent from their on-site days.

Excusing Absences

Any day a student is absent from their on-site or off-site days a parent/guardian must call to excuse their absences. Students emailing teachers letting them know they will not be in class does not excuse their absences. If your student has unexcused absences they will receive a note home to clear up any absences. Extended absences should be prearranged with the office. Excessive absences will result in an attendance meeting.