Weekly Rangers Newsletter

Week of April 11th-15th


-Kudos to K, 3rd, and 4th for getting their attendance done in a flash (Lisa's words) on the day of the Apex Pep Rally!

-I wanted to share the following statement that Phillip's mom posted on our Wetmore FB page last Friday:

This picture brings tears to my eyes! Thank you, faculty of Wetmore elementary, for seeing the special in my boy that I do!

- I would like to first thank Mrs. Von Buettner for the following idea and am pleased to announce that we will make this a Wetmore tradition from now on:

Wetmore is going to have our 1st annual Senior Graduation morning breakfast for Seniors, Class of 2016 that were once Rangers! We are hosting this event on Monday, May 16th from 7:30-8:30 in Coach Anderson's gym. 138 Invitations and RSVP's will be sent out next week inviting them to come join us. We will be asking assistance from our curriculum committee and anybody else that would like to assist us in setting up the Friday before. I would like to thank Lisa, Carol and the leadership team for synergizing with such a short turn around time to make this possible.More information is coming, but feel free to ask us any questions you'd like! TY!

Current Events

Monday, 4/11:

-Happy Birthday Silvia Madera!

-2016-2017 Registration begins

Tuesday, 4/12:

-ARD Day

-MacCluster Counselor Meeting, Mrs. Schwab, 7-11

-Superintendent Student Luncheon, 5th grader, Ninoska D.L.

Wednesday, 4/13:

-Happy Birthday Rosa Toma!

-College T-shirt Day

-Spring Individual Pictures, 8:00-10:30, Cafeteria Stage

-Kinder Tour, 8:30-9:30 a.m.

-Leadership Synergizing Meeting, 9:30

-Auxiliary Committee Meetings, after school

Thursday, 4/14:

-Happy Birthday Katie Terrazas!

-Apex Fun Run:

8:00 - Kinder and 1st

9:10 - 2nd and 3rd

10:20 - 4th and 5th

Friday, 4/15:

-ARD Day

-1st grade field trip to the zoo, 9-2

-Robotics, 2:30-4:00 p.m.

-3 weeks progress report distributed


-Continue to advertise Apex fun run with your families and students! This is a big fundraiser for PTA, all proceeds benefit our students and you!

- Email from S. Sauter (4/4): All Trash-to-Treasure creations should be sent to the library along with the filled-out simple tent. These will be displayed atop the library shelves, and some will even be featured on WRTV! We will be placing a few cardstock tents in your box. If you find you need more, feel free to print more out, or let your Curriculum Committee rep know and we will get you more. Some kiddos will probably come to school with the tent printed on regular paper…that is fine!

-We are switching our ARD day this week from Thursday to Friday due to our Apex Fun Run,

-Teachers, this is a reminder for those of you going on a field trip in the upcoming months: Please make sure to turn in your parent volunteer lists into the office a week prior to the field trip. Also, make sure to notify the clinic, cafeteria, Lisa, and specials. TY

Upcoming Events



-Foundations training, 8-11:30, CLC 217


-ARD Day


- Kinder Fiesta Parade, 7:45

-College T-shirt day

-Kinder Tour, 8:30-9:30 a.m.

-Leadership Synergizing Meeting, 9:30

-Bike Safety Presentation, 1:30-2:00

-4th grade Orchestra concert field trip, MacArthur, 9:30-11:00

-Academic Committee's, library

-Earth Day Challenge items due.


-Fiesta Parties:

3rd-5th: 9:15-10:15

K-2nd: 1-2


-Battle of the Flowers Student/Staff holiday



-Bookkeepers Meeting, Carol M., 7:30-9:30 a.m.


-Happy Birthday Michelle Prince!

-Admin Professionals' Day!

-College T-shirt day

-Bike Rodeo, 8-12

-Kinder Tour, 8:30-9:30

-Leadership Synergizing Meeting, 9:30

-STAAR Training, Library


-Kinder Field Trip, 9-2, SA Aquarium

-Amber Jewell's Baby Shower, 3-4, library


-PTA Spirit Shop, 7 AM

-Fat Friday, Specials team

-GT meeting, S. Sauter, 1-4

-Robotics, 2:30-4:00

-Textbook meeting, V. Medina, 8-10


-Super Saturday

-Our choir will perform at The Waterford at Thousand Oaks Senior Living Center @ 4243 Thousand Oaks at 2:00.



-Teacher Appreciation Week (Day 1)


-Teacher Appreciation Week (Day 2)

-PTA Teacher appreciation lunch, lounge

-PTA general meeting, 1st grade performance


-Teacher Appreciation Week (Day 3)

-College T-shirt Day

-Leadership Synergizing Meeting, 9:30

-Faculty Meeting


-Teacher Appreciation Week (Day 4)


-Teacher Appreciation Week (Day 5)

-2nd grade Fairy Tale Battle of the books, 8:30-9:30

-GT meeting, 1-4, S. Sauter

-Robotics, 2:30-4:00


-Mother's Day


-3rd & 4th Math STAAR test

-5th Math STAAR Re-test


-3rd & 4th Reading STAAR test

-5th Reading STAAR Re-test


-Happy Birthday Kathy Von Buettner!

-School Nurse Day!

-College T-shirt Day

-5th Science STAAR Test

-Auxiliary Committee Meeting


-2nd grade Field Trip

-Katina Wright's baby shower, 3:00, library


-6 weeks progress reports distributed

-Robotics Club, 2:30-4:00


-Battle of the Books, 4th grade


-Battle of the books, 3rd grade

-4th grade Field trip

-Safety Patrol Rally, 9:45


-Happy Birthday Kate Smith!

-College T-shirt Day

-Books are due back to the library

-Volunteer Tea Event, 1:00, Library

-Academic Committee Meetings, 3:00


-Elementary Track & Field, 4 & 5th


-Field Day!

-Reading Restaurant, 1st grade, 9:30

-Robotics Party, 2:30

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