Philo Taylor Farnsworth

Walking through his 64 years of life


Have you ever wondered who invented your good old television? His name was Philo Taylor Farnsworth. He invented your old version of the television at the age of 21!

Early childhood

Philo Taylor Farnsworth was born on August 19, 1906 in Beaver, Utah. His mother Amanda Farnsworth gave birth to four other children all two minutes apart! Over the years Philo was raised in a small cabin that his father Edwin built, until his family moved to Idaho.

Pictures of Philo Taylor Farnsworth

A family awaits

Philo Taylor Farnsworth married Elma (pem) Gardner. She lived from February 25, 1908 to April 27, 2006. After two years being married Elma and Philo had five children Philo the II, Kenneth, Russel Seymore, and Kent Morgan.

Accomplishments He Made

The first accomplishment he made was inventing the very first television. On september 7, 1927 in his very garage Philo had the first picture on a screen. The first picture was a dollar sign to indecate how much money was spent. They spent over 200 dollars trying to win the race of inveting the first television.

He Helped The Nation And Astronimists

He helped the nation by joining the United States Navel Academey . He defended our country for over 2 years . He also helped the astronimists in the area by upgrading the telescope.

A Life Ends

Philo Taylor Farnsworth died of pneumonia a lung infection. He was 64 years old and got buried in a peaceful graveyard at Salt Lake City, Utah.


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