Sunday Snapshot

Welcome to Week 30

Dear Families,

This week our school community will be focusing on the Other People Mindset of Identifying and Appreciating the Good in Others. It’s important to deliberately work to identify and appreciate others’ character strengths.

Identifying and appreciating the good in others is a core tenet of the Other People Mindset. This isn’t always what comes naturally. Often, it’s easier to blame others for our problems or find flaws in others to use as excuses for our own jealousy, bitterness, or resentment. The problem is that this negativity usually leads to problems -- for ourselves, for the other person, and for our relationships.

Identifying and appreciating the good in other people helps you see the world through a more positive -- and less threatening -- lens. If you’re constantly seeing the negative traits of people, you’re going to think the world is comprised of bad people -- and you’re going to operate from a defensive posture. This isn’t to say that we should be naive or see the world, and its people, through “rose-colored glasses.” It’s just that we should strive to understand people’s intent. If you see the good in another, they are likely to see the good in you.

Have a wonderful week!

This Week's Highlights

  • Monday -
    Oral Interp - 7:30 AM in Room 19
    Sports (4th Grade Track and Paddle Tennis Begin) - 3:05 PM

  • Tuesday -
    Drama - 7:00 AM in Library
    Chess Club @ Lunch
    Folklorico Practice, Art Club, and Sports Practice - 3:05-4:05 PM
    Neighborhood Meeting with City Councilmember Luis Chavez - 6:00 PM in the MPR

  • Wednesday - CHARACTER DAY
    Early Release Day - 10:45 AM for AM Kindergarten & 1:30 PM for PM Kinder-6th Grades
    Oral Interp - 7:30 AM in Room 19
    Fresno Grizzlies Wild About Reading Assembly - 9:00 AM
    Human Relations Council - 12:30 PM
    Cheer Practice - 3:05 PM
    CUSD Board Meeting - 6:30 PM in the Boardroom

  • Thursday -
    Drama - 7:00 AM in Library
    SPED Baseball Skills Clinic - 9:00 AM at BHS
    Cross Area Games for Varsity Softball and Baseball - 2:45 PM - Red Bank @ FC
    Hmong Dance, Folklorico, Spring Art Club, and Sports - 3:05 PM

  • Friday - Purple Up! Month of the Military Child Day
    GATE - 7:30 AM in Room 7
    Varsity Volleyball District Championships - 2:00 PM - 7:00 PM at Buchanan High School

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Looking Ahead

April 4th - National Library Week
April 4th - Grades 1 - 4 Academic Awards
April 4th - LCAP Parent Meeting
April 5th - 6th Grade Band and Orchestra Festival

April 5th - Annual Parent Literacy Conference
April 6th - CE Area Folklorico Fest

April 7th - Grades 5 and 6 Academic Awards
April 7th - Reclassification Celebration Ceremony
April 8th - Spring Sports Awards

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COVID Testing

We’ve heard from families that testing availability and cost can create challenges for students trying to return to school as soon as possible after isolation or quarantine, and we want to help!

To support families of students needing a negative COVID-19 test to return to school, Clovis Unified campuses are offering no cost testing options for parents. During the week of January 31, each school in the district will send parents specific information about testing options available through their local school.

What do I need to know about Clovis Unified’s COVID-19 testing?

  • No cost testing is provided for students and staff in need of a verified negative COVID-19 test to return to campus after isolation or household quarantine.
  • This testing is not for initial COVID19 diagnosis, but only for those individuals who have already tested positive for COVID-19 and are seeking to return to school after Day 5 of isolation or household quarantine.
  • Testing will be offered for those who are on Day 6 of required isolation or household quarantines who need a negative test to return to school. This will allow students who test negative to immediately rejoin their classroom.
  • Parents must be present to administer the rapid test to their child(ren).
  • Parents may provide their own testing kit, or a no-cost COVID-19 antigen test will be provided by district personnel. Testing that occurs at a district site is a verified test for the purpose of returning to school and school activities.
Sign Up for Covid Testing

Covid Testing will be done M-F 9:30-10:30 by appointment only. Please click on the button above or use the QR code below to sign up. We will only test students that are SYMPTOM FREE.

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Amazon Smile

Don't forget to go to for your online shopping this season. A percentage of all your purchases goes towards Fancher Creek PTC. Make sure to choose Fancher Creek PTC as your charitable organization.
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Dress Code Update

Please click on the links below to learn more about the recent changes to the CUSD student dress code.

District Elementary Art Exhibit/Reception

The months of March and April are dedicated to youth art. From February 4th – March 30th there will be an art display showcasing our district’s elementary schools in the corridors of the Professional Development Building for our annual district-wide Elementary Art Exhibit.

Looking forward to a great week!!