Everest Ascent expedition company

Everest expedition

Climb Mount Everest with a skilled team of avid mountaineers.

Mount Everest standing at about 8,848 meters is the tallest mountain in the world. This expedition is exciting but very dangerous. This lengthy ascent has many dangers such as crevasses, steep hills, freezing temperatures and other climbers. (Picture link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mount_Everest) dangers include, crevasses, avalanches, falling off a cliff, hypothermia, frostbite and other injuries

pictures of mount everest

come join us!

  • $65,000 to climb

  • gear includes

    • backpack

    • helmet

    • ice axe

    • eyewear

    • boots

    • crampons

    • tech on the mountain

    • trip journal

    • camera

    • two way communication

    • climbing apparel

    • mountaineering jacket

    • mid layer

    • hat

    • base layers

    • face/neck gaiter

    • everest campsite