books I've read

and liked

books I've read

I haven't read that many books, but I the ones I've read and actually finished i thought were really good and well written

green eggs and ham 2005

This book is was written by Dr. Suess this was the first book I ever read I thought it was funny and very clever. I have great memories of reading this book and it was a big part of my childhood.

The Nancy drew series 2007-2010

This is a series about a teenage girl who solves mystery's with the help of her friends Bess and George and her boyfriend Ned. Her father tries to keep her out of trouble but it doesn't work so well in the later years the nancy drew series were updated to the nancy drew files the series I read was written by caroline keene

The Chronicles Of The Immortal Nicholas Flamel 2010-2011

This is a series about twin siblings Sophie and Josh Newman, and a man who turns out to be an immortal alchemist who is running from the gods who want to take over the world and enslave the human race, the only thing thats stopping them is Nicholas and his wife who just happens to be a sorceress. Nicholas is in possession of a book that will let the gods back into this world and when he finds out that Sophie and Josh are the twins of legend he gets them to help him in a quest to save the human world

Cut 2012

This book is about a girl named Callie she's in a mental hospital for self harm. She is in with a group of girls that she has nothing in common with. Her dad is workaholic who has basically no time for her, her brother is sweet and innocent and has know idea whats going on, and her mother just wants her to get better and go back to the way it used to be.

Getting Over Garrett Delaney 2012

this book was written by Abby McDonald it's about a girl who has been in love with her best friend since the moment she's met him, but she's been cursed to the friend zone. When Garrett goes off to summer camp he tells her that he's found the love of his life once she hears this she decides to erase him from her life. She gets a job at a caffe and makes some new friends and also rekindles old friendships. It's an amazing book about getting over a heartbreak and moving on. I thought this was a great book very interesting and very relatable.

The chronicles of Vladimir Tod 2013

This book is about a teenage vampire and I know that theres a lot of books like this but i believe this one is worth reading Vladimir is on a quest to find the truth about what happened to his parents and is determined to keep his loved one safe. His best friend Henry and his mothers old friend are the only ones that know his secret or so he thinks. He avoids killing humans and sticks to blood bags from the hospital. Besides dealing with annoying teachers bullies and awkward moments with his crush he has to deal with hiding his secret from the world, but he has absolutely no idea about the whole entire other world write in front of his eyes.

If We Kiss 2013

This book was written by Rachel Vail, it's about a girl named Charlotte, Charlotte's never been the average girl she has never been obsessed with boys but that all changes when a boy kisses her. She falls madly in love with her, but the problem is her best friend is in love with him. Now her mother has a new boyfriend, and she has to deal with a totally over critical dad and his new family. This is a perfect story about teenage drama and how to get through tough times. I found this book totally relatable I couldn't put this book down, was one of the best books I've ever read.