By: Madison Rochow

Europe has a total populatin of 731,000,000 people and there are about 50 countries located in Europe. I chose to do my European Project on Italy, Greece, and Germany because my parents have been to these places and I know alot about them. These three countries really fascinate me and are very beautiful and I would love to visit them someday. Did you know that it is widely believed that Europe is named after “Europa”, the Phoenician princess from Greek mythology? Read my Smore to find out other interesting facts about Europe!


  • The people of Italy who's origins are French, Greek, and German, speak Italian
  • 80% are Christian/Roman Catholic and 20% are Atheist
  • Pasta, pizza, breads, soups, and fish are the main foods in Italy
  • The Leaning Tower of Pisa and the Roman Colosseum are famous landmarks in Italy
  • Government type is Republic and the President of Italy is Giorgio Napolitano
  • Italy is located in Southern Europe and is bordered by the Adriatic Sea
  • The summers are cool and dry, and the winters are wet
  • Many people in Italy study poetry and art
  • The population is 61,261,254
  • Currency: Euros
  • Limited Government
  • Some famous brands are Luxottica, Gucci, Prada, and Armani


  • The government type is Federal Republic
  • The leader of Germany is President Joachim Gauck
  • Unlimited Government
  • European Union Member
  • In 1871, Germany divided in four zones of occupation and relinquished rights in March of 1991.
  • Some historical monuments are the Berlin Wall, Schwerin Castle, and the Concentration Camps.

  • A person who changed Germany's history was Adolf Hilter because he forced the Jews out of Germany, killed many people, and held people hostage.
  • The population is 81,147,265
  • 33.25% arable land
  • Agriculture: potatoes, wheat, fruit
  • GDP: $3.25 trillion
  • Some famous brands of germany are Boss, BMW, Haribo, Puma and Adidas
  • 34% are Protestant, 34% Catholic, 3.7% Muslim, 28.3% Other


  • Leader of Greece is President Karolos Papoulias
  • Part of the European Union Member
  • Limited Government
  • The population of Greece is 10,772,967
  • 18.95% arable land
  • Agriculture consists of wheat, corn, potatoes, dairy, wine, and tobacco
  • GDP: $2.492 billion

  • Major economic activities are marketing, fishing and lawyers
  • Famous brands of this country are Lily Pulitzer, Vineyard Vines, and Polo Ralph Lauren
  • 99% speak Greek and the 1% speak English and or French
  • 98% Greek Orthodox, 1.3% Muslim, and .7% other
  • Greece is located between the Ageian Sea, Lonian Sea, and Mediterranian Sea
  • The climate is temperate, mild, has wet winters, and hot & dry summers