6 - Sponsoring

Step 6

Last Update: May 15, 2017

Think of Sponsoring Like a Funnel

Once you've launched your business and have a revolving 10 income producing activities (IPAs) on your calendar, you will be meeting 30-40 new people each month (see the 40 faces sheet).

Generally speaking, we offer the business opportunity first; if the business opportunity is not a fit for them; we ask them to host; if no to hosting, we ask them to try our amazing products (try a sample or purchase).

TIPS: Practice what you're going to say. Make your call (or text or email-call is recommended, but use your discretion based on the person you're reaching out to) brief and use a script. Don't talk about other things when you call. Your goal is to call 20, 30, 40+ people and just sort them from the "Maybe" column into "Yes" or "No." In the process you're going to get people to host for you and get people who want to try our amazing products.

Select one of the calls or videos to send below to send. Sometimes people see the benefits to building an Arbonne business right away, and sometimes sponsoring is a process where people need multiple exposures.

It is also a really good idea to practice and record your own Discover Arbonne video and/or recorded call to send to prospects. Connect with your upline for help!


Recorded Calls - Save to phone to easily text and email

Note: The phone number has changed from the one that is printed. The correct phone number is on the Corporate America Opportunity for Professionals and the Teachers one, but it will be updated on the others.

More Recorded Calls

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