All Summer in a Day

by Trevin Robinson

Main Idea

The main character is Margot weakling. Morgot lives on the planet Venus. The story is set at a space station which is morgot's school. Everyone in the school was born when there was no sun, they have never saw the sun,everyone except morgot. Morgot was born when it was sunny on Venus, she has different memories than the other kids, and after four years the scientists predicted the sun would come back for 2 hours and morgot couldn't wait.


In the story, we expected that morgot would get to finally see the sun again. She didn't, morgot didn't want to sing with the other kids or play games with them either. The only time morgot was happy was when they sang about the sun. It was finally the day the sun came back, the other kids started making fun of her,threw her in the closet and left to play in the sun.


The lightning and thunder at the end symbolized the sadness of the kids. The sun symbolized the happiness the kids. The rain symbolized the sadness of all of the planet.