BHS Bucks Principal's Update

September 15, 2020

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Dear BHS students and families,

We completed our first week at BHS, and I couldn't be more proud of the efforts of our students and staff! Everyone came back to school with a positive attitude, a strong desire to make social connections, and a willingness to be in the classroom ready to learn. If you could have seen the patience and flexibility of everyone in this building you too would be amazed! I congratulate all students on their mask compliance, and their ability to accept change and go with the flow. Although this year has been very different from years in the past, it has been one of the smoothest, best openings that I can ever remember. Did everything go right? Of course not, but we've made some adjustments and we're headed in the right direction.

Please continue to be patient with us as we constantly learn more about protocols for student illnesses, policies and guidelines for athletics, and our attempts to keep students socially distanced. We are continuing to see fluctuations in our attendance as many students are still waiting to hear of their acceptance or denial from the Virtual Academy.

We've got this! We are BUCKSTRONG!


Mrs. DeMaio

Please welcome Mr. Ehlert!

Alex Ehlert joins the Buchanan High School team in the English department. Mr. Ehlert is teaching 9th grade ELA, and he also has a passion for Psychology. Mr. Ehlert is currently welcoming his second child into the world and has had a great start his first few days. Please help us welcome him and his family to our Buchanan Schools community.
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A note from Mr. Frey regarding Athletics....

Athletes in Golf, Tennis and Cross Country do not have to wear masks while competing. They must wear them while not competing.

Athletes in Soccer, Football and Volleyball must wear masks at all times.

Athletes must provide their own water.

Athletes must social distance while on sidelines and attempt to limit physical contact celebrations.

All spectators must wear masks at all events.

All spectators must have a ticket to enter the event. Two tickets are given to each athlete prior to the event. No additional tickets will be given if those tickets are lost.

All spectators must sit socially distant. Marked off sections will be provided to be sat on.

Please click this link to view the BCS Conference Expectations.


This year, 9th graders are receving brand new Chromebooks. Those have arrived and are in the process of being deployed to students. 8th graders are receiving the Chromebooks that our prior year seniors have returned. New students must be registered in our system, have an account created, and must have all documents signed and returned before they can be given a device. Students who returned their device broken will have to wait until their device has been fixed and returned to us. In some cases, we have given students loaners, but that supply is very limited. We appreciate your patience as we continue to this process.

After School Academics (ASA)

Ms. Southwell and Mr. Pearson will be available Tuesday - Thursday after school to help students with their academic needs, with class work, credit recovery, a friendly chat or with any issues students may be having. Students may sign up with them. ASA is available until 3:45pm.

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Buchanan High School

If you need to contact the school by phone, please be sure to listen to all options as our menu has changed.

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