Free Range Vs. Cage System

By Bill Wolter

Free Range

When the chickens are allowed to run free in fenced inclosures
The health of the birds is impacted as it is easier for animals to break in and harm the chickens
The nutrition is slightly worse because they can eat anything they use outside
The birds are less safe because as mentioned above it is easier for animals to break in and harm the birds
costs differ depending on how much chickens you are looking to raise but free range are cheaper
The price of meat and eggs is often higher because they often can be called organic
the meat off free range birds is often more healthy and leaner because the birds get more exercise


Caged birds are in inclosures or cages and food and water is provided
most eggs are produced on caged bird systems
bird health is better because there is less bacteria and foreign material
birds are less lean as they do not get much exorcize
safety is greater because animals can not get to the bird and the birds cant fight
meat and eggs are cheaper because more is produced quicker
the quality is controversial but probably better because the birds are not exposed to the outside world