The Weekly Jr. Oiler

September 28, 2018

Back to School Night 2018

Thank you to all who attended Back to School Night! It was such a huge success, with teachers giving presentations and parents eagerly taking notes and asking questions. We had our GRIT song playing and everyone seemed to be excited about all the new furniture and technology!

It has truly been such a positive start to the school year. Thank your children for having so much GRIT!

GRITband Day

The first GRITband day was today! Teachers got to choose up to 8 students to receive bands - 2 for Gratitude, 2 for Responsibility, 2 for Integrity, and 2 for Tenacity. Teachers told the entire class the specific reason why the GRITband was given to that student and the classes all cheered! Students were super excited to earn a band and show it off proudly!

Students who wear their bands to school will be randomly rewarded. Parents all received an email today if their child received a GRITband. Please ask them about it tonight!

New Visitor Procedures

Huntington Beach City School District and Dwyer Middle School has been focusing on school safety and how to improve upon all the measures we already have in place. One major change is how you check in to the office when volunteering or visiting. You will now be required to bring your ID so it can be scanned into our system. This will help us make sure that we have a record of who is on campus in case of emergencies. Please also turn in your personalized badge upon leaving. Thank you for helping us keep everyone safe!

What's Happening in October?

October 2 - Step It Up last day for donations

October 3 - Boys Volleyball, 3:30 PM, Edison HS

October 4 - Girls Basketball, 3:30 PM, Edison HS

October 4 and 5 - Club Rush @ lunch

October 10 - Boys Volleyball, 4 PM, Tewinkle

October 11 - Picture Make-Up Day

October 11 - Girls Basketball, 4 PM, Tewinkle

October 16 - HBCSD Board Meeting

October 17 - Mama's on 39 PTSA Family Day, all day

October 17 - Boys Volleyball, 3:30 PM, Harbor Day

October 19 - PTSA Meeting, 9 AM, Media Center

October 22 - Girls Basketball, 3:30 PM, Harbor Day

October 23 and 25 - parent conferences, planning day schedules

October 24 - No School, parent conferences

October 29 - Boys Volleyball, 3:30 PM, Ensign

October 30 - Girls Basketball, 3:30 PM, Costa Mesa HS

October 30 - Haunted Basement Fundraiser, 4-8 PM

October 31 - No School, teacher professional development day