Dept. Economic & Labor Development

Welcome the New Mutant Department of Georgia!


We at General Assembly have assorted a department compromise to console for our recent disability to fund each unique department. The Department of Economic and Labor Development piece together very well.

Why those two departments?

As we researched each department, all of them seemed to be pretty substantial subtopics in which none were exactly the same. The Departments of Labor and Economical Development are two very different things, but compliment each other when put together.

The Department of Labor seeks our jobs for the unemployed and tries to keep the workforce safe and under control, in ways such as managing minimum wage or work standards. The Department of Economical Development works in bringing extra cash to Georgia by promoting it, in ways such as getting big companies to build themselves here, and especially in making the Georgia highlights appeal to tourists. Their goal is to bring extra revenue to Georgia.

In our thoughts, the Department of Economical Development seemed to be a bit unnecessary, so it won't matter if it is slipped under another category. The reason we thought these two departments complimented each other is that they both have heavy influence on jobs, not only the few hundred that rely on the department itself, but citizens outside. High end jobs that are related to the Department of Economical Development could be given to the high standard performing citizens who are having a hard time actually finding jobs.

What would be the consequences of combination?

The Department of Labor is very important, so the Department of Economical Development would be less prevalent with working on. Since there will be less demands for workers in the actual DOEcD, they might lose a few jobs. However, that is okay for the community because the actual creation of the new department will lead to plenty of employment.

We can cut back on spending a lot of money to make extra tourist attractions for Goergia. Things like the SkyView Atlanta cost a lot of money, and they usually pay themselves over with money that was already in Georgia . Though we will be avoiding the creation of extra attractions, we will still focus on bringing big companies to build themselves in Georgia so we can supply the unemployed with enough well paying jobs. So unfortunately, we will have to let go of some parts of the Department of Economical Development.

What are the positives of combining these departments instead of defunding one completely?

Instead of completely defunding the Department of Economical Development, we want to keep it alive a little bit. We want to keep as many jobs available as possible. The Department of Economical Development is important however not necessary, and we don't want to have to completely let it go. It is also unique to Georgia, so either way, it will still be a small Department.

Mission Statement

We can build an extension to the Department of Labor and move in the most important workers of the DOEcD to work there. Instead of destroying the other department, we decided to make an application center for the abundance of jobs that will be created throughout the execution of our plan. Hopefully, the people can work together well. You never know until you try!