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Saturday, April 4th, 2020

Thank you for all that you continue to do to support your 4th grader's education! In addition, thank you for being patient with me.

No Spring Break

I'm sure you've heard that under Governor Cuomo's executive order schools are required to provide instruction and learning opportunites throughout the coming week that was originally designated as Spring Break. The 4th grade teachers have come up with something we think will be great for kids and families. This link will also be posted in the Grade 4 course in Schoology. Please check out the link below!

There will be no iReady requirements for the coming week.

*Please note the document is 2 pages long.

Instruction Beginning April 13th

Beginning April 13th, instruction will look different. I am collaborating on a daily basis with the 4th grade team to create a consistent ELA and Social Studies plan. Please know that if you have twins within 4th grade, the math will look different teacher to teacher.

This is a draft schedule for 4/13 and after......

  • Math Instruction & Work - 25 minutes daily
  • Reading Skill Instruction & Work - 25 minutes daily
  • Writing - 20 minutes daily
  • Social Studies - 20 minutes daily
  • Independent Reading - 20 minutes daily
  • iReady guidelines - by the end of the week, kids will complete at least 45 minutes of math and at least 45 minutes of reading

Kids will be hearing from their math teacher (Mrs. Gleason, Mr. Hart, or me) during the upcoming week.


I've been wondering if parents would benefit from using a checklist at home with students?!? This would be a checklist that would help kids navigate their day's work and a whole week would be on one sheet. I could make this and it would be available beginning the week of 4/13. I do also understand that you would have to have access to a printer. Please complete the google form below if you'd like a weekly checklist for your 4th grader.

Read Aloud

I have been recording read aloud for the kids for more than two weeks. So far there are 13 chapters of How to Steal a Dog posted in Schoology. I will continue to read through "Spring Break." I recommend that kids get caught up and/or continue to listen. There are only 8 chapters left and things are getting good!

Contact Information

cell - 585-955-3111

email - closege@canandaiguaschools.org

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