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#ReaganRays Connected Educator WInners

Thank you to the folks that participated! I hope you made some connections or shared/gathered some good ideas!

Grade Level Challenge Winners

K - Pat Volpicella

1 - Karen Papa

2 - Lauren Houser

4 - Elizabeth Weltzin

5 - Kellie Lambert

OVERALL PTS Winner - Pat Volpicella

All grade level winners come by the office to choose what new tech tool you want so I can get it ordered. We are talking some sweet, cool, awesome choices! #NotCheapies

Don't be Fixed - Be Growth - Give props to these ladies! #NegativitySucks #Oxymoron? #LOL

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#ReaganRays TweetChallenge Thanksgiving-Week-Eve 2/4 Be a turkey - hit all 4

  • Tweet something you are thankful for professionally. (This #ReaganRays is professionally thankful for _______________) Include pic or not
  • Tweet something you are thankful for personally. (This #ReaganRays is personally thankful for _______________) Include pic or not
  • Tweet a selfie with a family on Thanksgiving Lunch Day - I WOULD LOVE SEEING THIS AND YOUR PARENTS WILL DIG IT!!!! pinky promise!
  • TweetWalk another class #LISDtw #SLB
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Google & Brownsville ISD are Coming MONDAY DEC. 1st

They are coming to see how we have defied the critics, defied the odds, and began the journey to seamlessly integrate tech into how we teach. I know it has been a journey of exploration, hard-work, frustrations, failures, and victories.

Just know, December 1st a small army of curious minds will be coming to see you (not the District, not any surrounding schools, YOU!!!) integrate technology.

Folks, this is just the beginning! Congrats to all of you for being what I said was the premiere school in the it appears your efforts are catapulting you to premiere in the region and state...Wow...just Wow!

I'm so proud to showcase our open, growth, risk-taking culture along with YOUR passion for teaching and meeting the needs of the modern glad to have the opportunity to be on the ride with you.

In awe...steve

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'THAT' kid - we bite our tounges

At some point in our educator careers, we have all felt this and wanted to SHOUT this at a parent! (I was THAT kid and kinda still am)

Differentiation Defined

“If a child can’t learn the way we teach, maybe we should teach the way they learn.” Ignacio Estrada


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MUST SEE VIntage movie of the week

John Candy & Steve Martin

Coolest Vintage Song of the Week

Playing the Queen of Hearts

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