The Great Leader, 24 years and built three pyramids

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~Snefru Background ~

Snefru served as a leader for 24 years.

Snefru was the dynasty, he also did not inherit leadership thru birth but through marriage.

Hetepheres I was the wife of Snefru, and studies show she was his 1/2 sister.

he has 8 sons and 5 daughters

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Contributions to Egypt

  • Snefru built three pyramids while he was king (24 year span).
  • Medium pyramid (213 feet)
  • Bent pyramid (332 feet tall)
  • Red pyramid (341 feet)

Snefru never was in the military but was a very powerful leader for 24 years.

Was the first king of the fourth dynasty.

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Snefru's downfall,

The year he died was unknown. He was mummified and his body was buried in his 2nd, Bent.

Death was very important back then.

Body was stolen unknown when but is still missing today.

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