Financial Advisor Training

Financial Advisor Training

Have you recently decided that you want to be a financial advisor? Are you considering financial advisor training? If so, JoinIcm is here to guide you through this exciting process.

What is a financial advisor?
● Provides financial services and guidance
● Otherwise known as a financial advisor or financial planner
● Someone who helps you pick stocks
● Looks out for your best financial interest and investments

What is financial advisor training?

1. A Bachelor’s degree
2. CFP Certification
3. Passing score on your series 7
4. Passing score on your Series 66 exam
5. May involve an internship, apprenticeship, or assistant training process

Why start a career as a financial advisor?
● It’s a long term investment
● It’s one of the fastest-growing careers
● It’s lucrative, consistent, and challenging

Did you know that…

● Over the next decade, the financial advisor industry is expected to grow 32%
● There is an average growth rate of 14%
● The median pay is $64k

At JoinIcm, we can help you with financial advisor training and to cultivate a career that will be rewarding financial and personally.