Life in in the American Colonies

By Kristen Rajczak/Book Report by: Dylan Jones

Lexile Level:640 Pages:24

The book Life in the American Colonies is about how people came to the colonies and why they did there are different ways people went to colonies some were forced to American colonies to be worked instead of being forced to death.Some other kids were kidnapped and taken to the American colonies.And it explained the slavery and also what they did in there spare time.What I knew is most colonist came because persecution.I also knew the British tried to claim Roanoke Island but couldn't. One other thing I knew was some people that went to the 13 colonies at first died of new illnesses.
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This is a picture of old houses in the american colonies.These houses here are in the city.Then if you look at the people they are wearing the old clothes they wore back then.

Good Times

on page 19 there's a picture of people around a guy playing a violin and people dancing around him.In the text on page 18 it explains that even though there were rough times the people who lived in the colonies also had fun.Some of then fished,sledded,and went ice skating.
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Author's Porpose

The authors porpose in writing this book is to inform you about how people lived in the american colonies were .The reason I think this is because the author is saying were the colonies are and how people survived,also it talks about the slaves some people in different colonies had and also the clothing people wore.The author even said sometimes people in the colonies had war with the native american's and how people farmed.Then finally the author just wrote even though they had rough times they can also have fun.