SWES Digital Digest

January 2016

New Tech for the New Year: Science

Did you know that students in 5th grade are learning about genetics? Did you know that it can be fun? Check out Avokiddo's DNA Play app. Your can mix and match cool creatures to learn how genetics work. The app is available for Apple and Andorid gadgets.

New Tech for the New Year: Global

Yes, you can learn another language while riding in your car, waiting in line at Walmart, or passing time in the car wash. Check-out, DUO Lingo! This tool is available online or as an app. Mais oui!

New Year New Tech: Brain Gain

Lumosity. Have fun while increasing your brain's memory, agility, speed, and function. Kids love it because they are playing games and grown-ups can grab a quick mind refresher too!