McMillen Minute

November 16-20

Success by Design

District News


· A teacher may not privately tutor his/her own students for pay, and he/she may not use the school facilities for that purpose.

· District resources and materials may not be utilized for private tutoring.

· A tutor is not allowed to request assignments or any other information from the student’s teacher without written parent consent. The policy recommends that the information be shared directly with the parents, who can communicate that information to the tutor.

More information can be found at:


Campus News

Fall Exam Schedule

School Business

Any absence that is coded as "School Business" must be approved by your district coordinator or campus administrator. Any unapproved "school business" absence will be coded as personal leave.

Congratulations to Tammy Simmons

Tammy will be taking a role as a teacher in the Special Education Dept at Rice Middle School. This will create a paraprofessional vacancy in our BSC. If you know anyone that may be interested in learning more about the position, please contact Kamden.

Emergency Binders

If you did not pick up your Emergency Binder in the faculty meeting, please see Vanessa. Your binder will serve as a tool for you and your substitute teacher. Please transfer all information you have in your current sub folder to the emergency binder. You and your sub will only need to keep track of one binder in the event we need to evacuate.

McMillen Hot Topics

Lori Lysobey did a great job hosting a session on taking effective notes during lunch. I encourage each department, club or team to host a "Hot Topic" session during lunch. Topics that we are considering include: Dating Violence, Bully Prevention and Career Prep

Peeling Tables

The peeling tables in your classrooms will be replaced over Thanksgiving Break.

Fire Drill

Our monthly fire drill will take place on Thursday.

Custodial Gift

In the season of giving, we ask that each member of a department contribute $5 towards a gift for our custodians. We ask that department chairs forward the gift to Vanessa before December 15th.