Mountain Dew Commercial

Superbowl Commercials

Superbowl Commercials

Mountain dew in their 2016 Super Bowl commercial “Puppy Monkey Baby” aims to sell their new kick start drink by conveying 3 pierced guys watching television by a baby feet, monkey body, puppy face dog whose is amped up dancing feeling all sorts of ways that this new drink offers with “Dew, juice, caffeine.”

By a puppy monkey baby coming dancing in the room starts to lick the dude and hand him a mountain dew gives energy to all 3 of the dudes and they start to become party animals by acts like (shaking their hips, following the odd creature out following his moves.)

Mountain dew uses transfer of the emotion of enthusiasm and excitement to the actual product of the drink to sell their product (encourages adults bored sitting around to purchase this drink so they can get up and make something out of their time.)

Using a vigorous, lively tone the intended audience for their Mountain Dew commercial is towards caffeine drinkers, young adults, and people who are looking for a good energizer.