Genetic Engineering

By Ethan Flynn, Period 6

Would Genetic Engineering benefit or harm us?

Genetic engineering can help us evolve into smarter, stronger and better beings. We would be able to live easier and be better fit for our environments. Our brains could hold more and we could evolve faster. Some people who know of this are against it and claim its unethical, and others are supporting it. Genetic engineering can range from cloning to genetic disease fighting, and can help us.

Evidence that Genetic engineering is a good thing to have.

Many Creditable articles have shared its own looks on genetic engineering, this is some of them,

There is a problem in California that has a shortage of salmon, in the New York times, it says who is helping California to save its salmon and how,

"John Carlos Garza, a geneticist, has become a key figure in California's effort to preserve its decimated salmon stocks. Using the latest genetic techniques, he and his team decide which individual fish should be bred together."

Genetic engineering can also bring prevent genetic diseases that can cause great problems or even be fatal,

"In April 2015, Doudna's pondering became reality. A Chinese research team used CRISPR-Cas9 to snip DNA in defective human embryos in order to correct a genetic defect."

We could also help endangered species and increase its diversity to increase its survival,

"Perhaps the technology, Mr. McManus said, can be expanded from a small subset of conservation hatcheries that focus on the most endangered species to the bigger facilities relied upon by the fishing industry and "infuse wildlike diversity back into hatchery production.""

Genetic engineering can remove genetic diseases another way by introducing another parent,

"An elite panel of scientists and bioethicists offered guarded approval Wednesday of a novel form of genetic engineering that could prevent congenital diseases but would result in babies with genetic material from three parents."

It is also possible to clone species like mammals, but for birds this article says,

"Currently, this is a hot topic in avian biotech, as it is impossible to clone a bird in the way that mammals are cloned. Multiple pathways are being explored, so pursuing a variety of routes is necessary for our work.... This technology is being pioneered right now."

The Argument against Genetic Engineering

People say genetic engineering is unethical, this might be true but sometimes we need to do things people don't like to succeed, many terrible, unethical experiments has helped us with understanding the human body as well as other things.

Then there is designer babies, people say this will ruin lives, the child's and others, and could cause a whole new society, for better or worst.

People dislike cloning of animals too, but we will need this to bring back species we killed off, accidentally or on purpose, and might even help solve the food world food problem.

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This banana is genetically engineered to shrink the seeds of it the fruit so it can be eaten easier by people. The plant before we genetically engineered it contained seeds making it a little harder to eat.