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Map of Ecuador

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Going to Ecuador is the best choice you have ever made. The Climate at Ecuador is neither is cold or hot because it is lying on the equator. There are a lot of place you could visit at Ecuador such as in Guayaquil in there you could have boat rides and beautiful views of the river. You could also go to Banos this place is more for outdoors and sporty people you could do mountain climbing, rafting, and hot springs mineral baths. At Ibarra there are a lot of touristic activities such as, rafting, swing jumping, kayaking, trekking and a lot more.


At Ecuador the religion is Roman Catholic, but also Christianity faiths is scattering.


The official language at Ecuador is Spanish also some English is spoken.
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  • Mestizos 71.9%
  • Whites 6.1%
  • Amerindians 7%
  • Montubios 7.2%
  • Afroecuadorians 7.2%
  • others 0.4%


Popular music in Ecuador:
  • El Pasillo
  • Albazos
  • Pasacalles
  • Tonadas
  • Dazantas
  • Yaravies
  • Carnavales

Ecuador Food:

  • Arroz con pollo
  • Ceviche
  • Chocolo
  • Cuy
  • Langostinos
  • Librillo
  • Locro Soup

Top tradition Festivals

  • November 2 Day of the dead
  • November 3 Independence day Cuenca
  • November 28 Fiesta de Quito
  • Christmas eve Pas del nino Parade
  • December 31 New year


Ecuador Trading Partners are: USA, Peru, Chile, Panama, Colombia

Top export goods: oil & mineral fuels, Fruit& nuts, an seafood

Top industries: petroleum, food processing, textile. and wood products

Ecuador GPD is $165 billion


Ecuador holidays

  • January 1 New Year's Day (New year starts)
  • January 6 Fool's Day and Reyes Magos (Magos com to visit baby Jesus)
  • February 27 Day of Public Spirit (All spirits are celebrated)
  • February or March Carnival
  • May 1 Labor Day (Day of the work)
  • August 24 Independence Day ( Became know as a state)
  • 12 Columbus Day ( Christopher discovered America)
  • November 1 Day of the Saints ( Saints are celebrated)
  • November 2 Day of the dead (Dead are celebrated)
  • December 6 Quito Foundation ( Spanish foundation)
  • December 25 Christmas Day ( Jesus was born)
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