Victoria Cruises

The majesty of yangtze


Victoria's food already earns high marks from passengers. The meals are served in a single seating dynasty dining room. An elegant captain's fair well Banquet is served on the final night of the cruise.


In the morning we offer tea and coffee (before breakfast) . We also have a happy hour and during the happy hour you can enjoy your favourite cocktail and there's a Yangtze club.


In the Victoria Boutique, is a really wide variety of Chinese gifts, souvenirs, etc. There are lots of postcards that you could get in our gift shop. There are different oriental clothing and logo items there.


We offer lectures on Chinese history and culture which add insight and depth to the cruise experience. There are also feature films are presented in your cabin television. There are also books and journals to read in quiet surroundings.

Cruise Staff

On this cruise, there is a service of a full-time western cruise director and a river guide! We also have our well trained and accommodating local staff will make you feel right at home. It is our service that makes the difference.


Fengdu (known as the “ghost city" Fengdu is located on the Northern bank of the Yangtze. White Emporer city (white emporer city overlooks the western and of Qutang Gorge). Three of the gorges (one of the natures most extraordinary sculptures carved alone the Yangtze River.