The Home Design of the Future

Living today and planning for tomorrow

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My future house will consists of 5 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and the powder room, all within two floors and a basement. As for the kitchen, the living room, and the powder room, they will all be placed on the first floor. while the bedrooms and two bathrooms will be situated on the 2nd floor. There will also be a garage for my car.

Sustainable Ecosystems

1.) How would you create a "green" environment around your home? which plants would you include in your design? why?

My future home will be placed in a Temperate Deciduous Forest. Living in this biome would be great as its growing season is longer than Boreal forests, allowing me to grow and harvest my crops. I would build my home in this biome as it has layers of canopy trees, understorey trees, shrubs, and non- woody vegetation on the forest floor. However, I'd would grow trees such as ferns, lichens, moss, etc. so that I'm supplied with a lot of oxygen. Due to its richness in soil, I can plant flowers, such as, daisies and white lotus in the spring, as they give a beautiful landscape for my backyard and even the front yard.
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2.) What plants would you "farm" in your vegetation garden? why? what types of pesticide and fertilizers would you use in your garden? are there any you would avoid? explain.

I would farm garlics, peppers, tomatoes, onions, lettuce and many more in my vegetable garden due to the fact that they are the basics when cooking food. I would make homemade pesticides as they are more inexpensive and it's safer for me since i know what goes inside the pesticide and it's not as harmful for natural wildlife and the environment. As for fertilizers, I'd choose natural fertilizers (manure) rather than synthetic ones as they have less chemicals that can cause serious damage to our planet Earth. Even though they're not as affective as synthetic fertilizers, it's better for the environment because it doesn't kill any insects living in the soil.

3.) What mode of transportation would you use to park in your driveway? why?

I would use a smart car as my vehicle as it decreases our ecological footprint which means that it doesn't harm the environment as much as a regular car (that's usually powered by gasoline) would. Since, it's generated by the sunlight i may not be able to use it during night time, although, taking the bus can be an option. Not only that, when the weather outside is great, i could also use my bicycle to get to my destination and can even be a quick exercise.
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4.) what type of waste management would you include in your design?

In my home, i would provide three bins: a blue bin (for recycling like paper, plastic, cans/bottles, etc.), a green bin (used for compose, food waste), and a grey bin ( for other garbage, like tissue, plastic, aluminum, etc.) using these bins would definitely decrease my ecological footprint as I produce less waste. As for G. O. O. S (good on one side) paper, i will create a separate bin for it so that I don't waste paper that can be reused.

5.) Which endangered species would you family sponsor at your local zoo? why?

i would sponsor the Giant Pandas as they are classified on IUCN's Red List as an endangered species. The reason being is that they are now being stripped out of their habitat. As the population in China continues to develope, Pandas' habitat gets taken over by buildings, pushing them into less livable areas. Although it may not seem like they play an important role to our environment, they're important in China's bamboo forests by spreading seeds and helping the vegetation to grow. So by sponsoring one, I am protecting these harmless animals from becoming extinct.
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Atoms, Elements, and Compounds

1.) Research 3 chemicals found in your home which can be toxic to humans or your pets. Look for some alternatives that you could replace these chemicals with.

2.) Choose one of the chemicals and identify the elements which make this chemical. Please draw the Bohr- rutherford Diagram for your chosen element

Bleach (Sodium hypochlorite- Na ClO):
  • sodium
  • chlorine
  • oxygen

The Bohr- Rutherford diagram for chlorine:
  • 17 protons
  • 18 neutrons
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3.) Which group or chemical family of the Periodic Table is this element located in?

Chlorine is located in group 17 and it is part of the Halogens family in the periodic table.

4.) Is your chosen element a metal, non-metal or metalloid?

My element is a non metal because its original form is in the gaseous state.

The Characteristics of Electricity

1.) Which type of electricity energy source would you use for your home? how sustainable is your choice of energy source in the future generations?

For my home, I would use solar panels, rather than wind turbines. wind turbines are very sensitive, they need to be put in a place near coasts or where the wind blows a lot- it will surely be effective then. Solar panels on the other hand aren't as location sensitive as wind turbines. solar panels only need the sunlight to produce energy to my home. therefore, even if I live in a temperate deciduous forests, I will still be able to get energy since sunlight are everywhere! By using the solar panels, I would not only save money, but also reduce my Ecological footprint.

2.) What types of physical structures make a house more energy efficient? how can you design a home that will reduce wasted energy?

When building my house, insulation can be put to my walls, ceilings, basement and around heating and cooling ducts, in framed doors and even energy-efficient windows, doors and appliances add to the energy savings. By building efficient insulation, this will help reduce the waste of energy as some insulations allows heat to escape from your home, heat from your house is lost due to loft spaces and walls. Not only that, buying draught proof doors and windows will save energy and even money from your wallet!

3.) what type of appliances will you choose for your home? Explain why you have chosen these appliances? you may want to choose those that have an Energuide label or follow the EnergyStar program

If I were to purchase appliances, I would pick ones with those that have labels such as EnerGuide or Energy Star. The reason being is the EnerGuide labels, indicate the amount of energy it uses and how it is analyzes very much alike models. This allows me to see which similar appliances should I use that will not harm the environment as much. As for Energy Star, it lets me buy energy- efficient products in order to reduce energy consumption, improve energy security, and give me strategies for reducing air pollution. Thus, allowing me to decrease my Ecological footprint for the better of our planet Earth.

4.) What type of light bulbs would you include in your home design? why?

Even though i have solar panels as an option for light, it is still better for me to have light bulbs just in case the solar panels don't work. If i were to choose the light bulbs, i would choose CFL's (Compact Florescent Lamp) rather than incandescent light bulbs because CFL's waste 75% less greenhouse gases than the typical light bulbs, indicating that it will help lessen the waste of natural resources. Also, i would get lights where I can adjust the lighting (dimming lights), as it saves even more energy.

The study of the universe

1.) Include at least two different types of teachnology in your future home that has been developed or researched due to space exploration. Describe how these technologies were invented.

Water Purification
This item was made for astronauts who will travel away from planet Earth to other places like the moon. This will be useful for turning wastewater from respiration, sweat, and urine into drinkable water and can even benefit people from all over the world who needs clean water such as in underdeveloped regions where well water may be severely contaminated

Chemical detection
Another invention that became very successful are chemical detection. NASA made this so that it can warm people from chemicals that are dangerously corrosive in aircraft before significant structural damage happens. Since it became really successful, they've upgraded it for people by making smoke detectors. These smoke detectors can be a major help just in case of fires that may occur at my house while cooking.

2.) Will you have a telescope in your home design? Which planets would you observe?

If i get the chance to have a telescope, i definitely would and i would observe Mars. I chose mars because it's a very interesting planet since its similar to our planet, Earth. i would examine mars and try to find the similarities and differences it has with Earth. I find it very amusing yet terrifying that if ever, our planet gets destroyed, Mars would be our Plan B.


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