By Audrey Kaup

The 3 Functions

The 3 functions for the Immune system are

- Fighting off infection

- Protecting the body

- kills any harmful bacteria


The Spleen is the security guard which protects against any harmful bacteria that comes through. However, if some does come through then it leads torwards the stomach and intestines to kill off most of the nasty bacteria along with their friends of the white blood cells to help battle against the foes. Once the battle is almost complete, the kidney and liver flushes out the waste that is unwanted.

When Missing, Unleash The Fury

If this type of system is deleated, the consequences would be unimaginable, causing the body to weaken and allowing diseases to come through. Once this happens, the result will be instant death of at a young age.


Every system needs help now and then, so when the Immune system starts to battle, the Nervous system takes the lead, signaling when, where, and who goes there to make the battle organized and successful. Then the Excretory system kicks in eliminating and filtering wastes that is not needed.