Book Launch Party: Caught Between…

Come Celebrate the Release of Margo's Second Novel

Celebrate With Us

Come to one of my favorite hang-outs (family friendly--Katie will be there!) and celebrate the release of Caught Between Two Curses, my new young adult, light paranormal, baseball book! :)

Books will be for sale from Rocking Horse Publishing. I'll be signing them, if you want.

There will be a quiz on things that have to do with the book: the Cubs, baseball, curses, Katharine Hepburn, Chicago and more--with PRIZES!

Make a scrapbook page or help decorate a poster that will be on my Facebook or blog with your permission.

Eat some chips and salsa, queso, or guacamole! (Other food and drink will be for sale as it normally would at Fuzzy's.)

I will also be collecting some donations (just bring your change) for an Arthritis Walk I am doing in May! Look for the can and drop in some change.

Have fun! Celebrate books and reading. The back room is ours, so come on back any time between 4 and 8 and join in! Stop by on your way home from work. Go get the kids and come by, or stop in before you go out for the night!

(For anyone who can't come--never fear. The book will be for sale online the week of March 18 AND there will be an online party end of March/beginning of April)

Book Launch Party: Caught Between Two Curses

Friday, March 21st, 4-8pm

8073 Watson Rd

St. Louis

For more information, visit the event page on Facebook.

What's Going On?

Come by any time between 4:00 and 8:00--it's like an open house!

While you are here,
  • Fill out a quiz--there will be one for kids and one for adults. (You do not have to stay the whole time to win!)
  • Make a scrapbook page or add to the poster.
  • Eat some chips and salsa!
  • Buy a book (or ten!) and get them signed.
  • Bring some change for the Arthritis Foundation.
  • Talk with friends and have some drinks.

What is Caught Between Two Curses about?

Seventeen-year-old Julie Nigelson is cursed. So is her entire family. And it’s not just any-old-regular curse, either—it’s strangely connected to the famous “Curse of the Billy Goat” on the Chicago Cubs.

Julie must figure out this mystery while her uncle lies in a coma and her entire love life is in ruins: her boyfriend Gus is pressuring her to have sex, while her best friend Matt is growing more attractive to her all the time.

Somehow, Julie must figure out how to save her uncle, her family’s future, and her own love life—and time is running out!

Caught Between Two Curses is a young adult novel (for ages 14 and up).