Tropical Moist Forest

Deja, Tanaia, Mersadi

Tropical Moist Forests

Tropical Moist Forests are hot, and have lots of rain. They have very abundant, complex life. Inside of tropical forests there are millions of insects.

Tropical Moist Forests are found on the equator belt. It rains all the time, and the temperatures here do not change much. The forest that it gets like 80 inches a year They stay at 77 and rarely above 93, or below 66 degrees. There are two seasons; a wet season and a dry season. Most of the trees loose their leaves in the dry season. There are 1000 species of trees, so many that they have layers. There are five layers of trees.

The overstory canopy - medium layer canopy - lower canopy - a shrub level - and an understory. Half of the worlds species live in these forests.

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Q: How many bugs are in the rainforest?

A: There are about 30 million species in Tropical Moist Forests.

Q: What is the humidity in a Tropical Moist Forest?

A: The humidity level in a Tropical Moist Forest can get up to 88%.


Deforestation is a major problem in Tropical Moist Forests. Deforestation can be caused by fires, illegal logging, and fuelwood harvesting. Fires can be beneficial to nature, but not when they are started in the wrong the wrong place and the wrong time. They can wipe out too much of the forest. There are protected areas used to regulate the trade of timber. Some people don't care that the areas are protected and collect wood anyway for money. This is called Illegal Logging. Deforestation is also caused by fuelwood harvesting, we all need wood for our fires and other things, but we are getting too much wood.