By cHaD wIlLiAmS

About me...

Hello my name is Chad I was born in Indiana on April 10th 2002 where I lived for 8 years. I moved to Virginia in 2010 then to south Carolina then back to Virginia and finally to Georgia where I live currently with my mom because my parents are divorced. My dad currently lives in Arizona and is a tour guide. I am the baby of the family except all my siblings are half sisters and none of them live with me. I am named after my father and I'm the second not the third so my name is Chad Williams II . My favorite sport is baseball and my hobby is Boy scouts. I'm 11 currently and hope to live at least 50 more years.

A day in my life

I would wake up to the noise of the annoying alarm clock on my phone, I shut it off. I go to the bathroom and wash my face and get dressed then walk downstairs. I see my mom already making breakfast while she is busy I pack my lunch. I hurriedly eat breakfast and brush my teeth. I wait for my mom to get ready. When she is done we get in the car and she drives me to school. I rush out of the car to the front door of my school.

I open the door with my shoulder and run to class where I wait for the days end to come busying myself with making my friends laugh. Days end comes and my mom picks me up and drives me to my great-Grandpas mansion. I talk with my relatives and play with my cousins. My mom drives me home and makes something to eat for me I take it into the work room and eat it carefully while watching YouTube because it is pouring outside and it's very cold.

I play Minecraft with my friends until 9:00 then go upstairs and brush my teeth and lay in bed and watch Tv and fall into a fulfilling sleep pondering about the next day.

Why I thought this year was important?

I thought this year was important because I went to New York and went up to the top of the empire state building, and saw ground zero of the twin towers. I also went to San-Francisco but I didn't get to see the famous prison Alcatraz because the ferry would come at 4:00 pm but we had to go at 3:00 so I missed going inside but I got to look at the souvenirs and the island faraway. I did move to Georgia and that's where I plan to stay awhile. Seeing those places were important to me because my mom was raised most of her life in California and was married in New York so I felt like that I should see a little bit of my moms life through my eyes.

Lanier Middle School

My future middle school for 6th 7th and 8th grade. The middle school part otherwise reffered to as "Junior High".

Signing Off Chad C. Williams II