Strengthening Family Relationships

Chapter 7. Section 2


Separation- A decision by two married people to live apart from each other.

Divorce- Is a legal end to a married contract

Custody- Is the legal right to make decisions affecting children and the responsibility for their care.

Characteristics of Stong Families

1. Good Communication

2. Caring and Support

3. Respect

4. Commitment

5. Trust

Changes in Famil Structure

The structure of a family changes when someone new joins the family or when a family member moves out of the home.

Examples- Birth, Adoption, Separation, Divorce, Remarriage, Death of a family member

Change in Family Circumstances

1. Moving to a new home

2. Changes in the families financial situation

3. Illness and disability

4. Alchohol or other drug abuse

Coping with changes

One of the most important strategies for coping with changes in the family is to talk honestly and openly with each other. Just talking about your feeling can help you reduce stress. Letting family members know about your needs and wants can also make it easier for them to help you.