The Coaching Connection

Monthly memo with strategies, tips and more!

What is The Coaching Connection?

This year, the IDSS team would like to provide additional support through a monthly newsletter. Our goal is to provide information regarding instructional strategies, professional readings, and potential professional learning opportunities. If you have a great resource that you feel others would benefit from - please share it with your IDSS!

TDE Tidbits

Where are you at with your TDE work and E-Folio?

It's October! So this means that you should....

  • By October 31st you should complete and submit your IGP/SLG (task 1) or ready to submit at the 1:1 meeting
  • Begin the observational process with your IDSS or administrator
  • Consider when you might observe a colleague (years 1 & 2 only)
  • Try creating a Common Formative Assessment (CFA) with your team to analyze within your PLC

About Us

Elida Kane - Director of Secondary Teaching & Learning

Lana Rains - Math & Literacy Specialist

Alesia Arlandson - English Language Arts & Electives

Jennifer Burke - World Language, Social Studies, PE & Health

Dan Kulseth - Mathematics, Science & STEM

Carrie Popp - Special Education, Speech, Psychologists, ELL & Early Childhood

Doug Stanton - Nurses, SOS & Special Education Leads, TOSAs & TDE/QComp Coordinator