The Weekly Warrior

April 10, 2016

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Faculty Meeting Agenda April 11, 2016

1. JB Evaluation- Please bring your laptop to participate during meeting.Complete this survey after JB presents his evaluation. JB Feedback

2. CEC Meeting Information Share:

3. Social Media Policy Review

Tech tip-Google Classroom

Another Reason to love Google Classroom. There is a Polling Feature now available! Take a quick formative assessment or check for understanding just by using Classroom.

Check this out!


Extra-Curricular News

Come out and support our spring sports as they begin this week! Here are the locations for our spring sports--all games begin at 4:15 p.m.:

Boys volleyball--home games take place in the main gym

Girls Softball--home games take place at the ball fields that are southwest of the Core--just south of OQ down the walking path

Boys and Girls Soccer games--home games are usually up on the Plateau that is down the walking path just south of OQ

Track--all home track meets take place at Lemont High School at their track and field (football field) and start at 4:15

PARCC Information

Day of Test:

  1. Prior to testing,please watch the video using the link from number 4
  2. Teachers pick up testing tickets and scrap paper for your class in main office conference room on the day of the test.(We need to collect graph paper tomorrow)
  3. Set up your own chromebooks be sure they are all charged.
  4. Use the PARCC help Kim Darche set up on the weebly site or use this link HELP
  5. My phone number is 7089417325 Shirley's phone number is 7082633714 text us your name, room number and problem.
  6. Common mistake is that students are not logged into testing session but are at a training session.
  7. Be sure to begin quickly to stay on track for time.

PARCC- all three grades start on a Tuesday.

8th grade March 29-31

7:30-8:27 Encore/PE

8:31-9:27 Encore/PE

9:30-10:50 Advisory (Math)

10 minute break

11:00-12:50 Advisory (ELA)

12:50-1:26 lunch

1:30-2:30 Periods 3/4 day 1, Periods 5/7 day 2 and Advisory fun day 3

7th grade April 12-14

7:30-8:50 Math

10 minute break

9:00-10:50 ELA

10:55-11:55 Periods 1/2 day 1, Periods 3/4 day 2 and Advisory fun day 3

12:00-12:30 lunch

12:30-1:27 Period 6 Encore/PE

1:31-2:30 Period 7 Encore/PE

6th grade April 19-21

7:30-9:25 Math test

9:30-10:30 Encore/PE

10: 35- 11:05 lunch

11:09-12:30 ELA test

12:34-1:28 Period 1 day 1, Period 6 Day 2, Day 3 Period 1

1:32-2:30 Period 2 day 1, period 7 Day 2, Day 3 homeroom

Safety Drills- Fire and Lockdown

Also, we soon will have a surprise lockdown drill (past practice) prior to the Fire Drill. Please review procedures during advisory sometime this week.

Staff we will have a fire drill the week of April 25-29th

#warriorpride Proud we are are recognizing each other this week, it is great to work here!

Use this form to recognize the #warriorpride we see in each other.

Thank you OQ teachers and support staff for helping make the pep assembly a huge success. It was fun to be able to recognize all of the great accomplishments of our students and coaches.

MAP Testing schedule will be made and shared in next weeks weekly warrior

Challenge to OQ Staff: List Objective or I can statement for each lesson.