Welcome to Lineville!

By:Abigail La Ronge

Basic tips for Lineville


Scared about coming to Lineville? No problem, this will help you get over your nervousness.

Locker combination

I can assure you that you are wondering how to open your locker. Well first, you turn your locker 2 times to the right to clear it from the last time you used it. Next, you turn it to your first number lets say it 21 you turn it to the right to get there. After that, you go to the next number say it's 3 turn it all the way around the lock left. Fourth, turn it to the right again to your last number say it's 39 STOP there. Then, pull your lock down and hopefully it's open! That's how to open your lock to your locker.


Every Friday is locker clean out to clean out any loose papers or garbage that you never get to throw away. Also you might want to keep your locker clean because if your locker is jammed or has too much stuff in it... First of all, YOU can't open your locker, but the OTHERS AROUND you can't open their locker! So those are some tips on how to open your locker. Make sure to have magnets instead of stickers that will come off for the next kids. Make sure to keep it tidy! See lockers aren't that bad you have nothing to worry about, good luck!


People worry about what to do in the hallways. Well sometimes your locker is in the zero zone. That zone means you have to be quiet whenever there is red tape on the floor. It's a reminder to be quiet in the zero zone/ red tape zone. There is also blue tape on the floor but only upstairs that means whisper. Make sure the only place you talk louder than a 3 is outside at recess. Why do I say 3? Because in the classroom maybe your teacher can't hear as well as others so you might have to speak a little louder for them. Also in the lunchroom you don't want to speak louder than a 3 because it will disturb classrooms. Make sure to stay quiet!


Some people worry about switching classes at Lineville. Of course I worried about it, once you get the feel of it in your first week or two it's no big deal. So you get your stuff from your locker then you go to TEAM. After that you go to first hour that goes until 9:45. Then you switch classes to 2nd hour that goes until 10:44. After that there is 3rd hour that goes until 10:52. Next, you have 4th hour that goes until 11:36. Then, it's 5th hour that goes until 12:16.

Sixth, we have 6th hour that goes until 1:10. Seventh, you have 7th hour that goes until 1:48. Of course you have 8th hour that goes until 2:32. Lastly you have 9th hour the last hour of the day which goes until 3:08 and that's when school gets out. You have to take normal classes like your elementary school. Somthing different is music and Spanish witch is a different language. I apologize if I have any hours screwed up. Remember you are switching to a different class every hour.

Walking to different classes

So you obviously you know that you have to walk to different classes at Lineville so here are some tips. Stay on the right side of the hallway to avoid getting hit. Next you can stay quiet where there is red tape that will help you to get tickets. No running in the hallway otherwise you'll have to restart from where you came from. Also no yelling across the hall you can use hand gestures. Like a simple wave that signifies the person that you were saying hi. You don't have to scream to get their attention by screaming HI, Instead you can just do a simple wave. Make sure to have your binder and iPad in a safe spot when you carry it. Otherwise if you don't have it in the safe spot while you're caring it like under your arm you might drop your things. Then people might step on your stuff un-knowing that you are dropping your things. If you use these tips you are sure to stay safe in the hallway.


Your music choice is very important at Lineville. You have to do a music choice however your choices are choir band or orchestra. Mrs. Doelger is the choir teacher, Mr. Zipperer and Mrs. Zipperer are the band teachers, Ms. Nowak is the orchestra teacher. In choir you obviously know you can only choose from your voice that's the only instrument you can play. In orchestra you can choose from the violin, viola, cello, or the bass. In the band you can choose from the flute, clarinet, trumpet, trombone, baritone and percussion. In choir you use your voice I don't know how to describe it though. In the band you use brass, and woodwind instruments that are gold and silver. In orchestra you use string instruments that are brown. I play the violin it is so fun especially the teacher Ms. Nowak. She teaches at a steady pace and makes the learning fun. Along with that she will break it down into pieces that you can understand. But I am positive that the other teachers and instruments are fun to.


Gym is much different from your elementary school. These changes are HUGE...Well first you need gym clothes to change into like sporting attire. Or you could find a old T-shirt and shorts, also you could borrow gym clothes from the school. But don't rely on that because lots of kids use those and they sweat in them, YUCK! They do wash them though. Also you get a minor after you use it so many times, you have to mark it down when you use it. You also need gym shoes. Next, you obviously know you have to change into the clothes you brought to gym don't worry there are separate locker rooms for boys and girls. We also have paper tests and different units like D.A.R.E, archery and swimming. There are no ipads in the locker room so you set them in the gym and go change. You also don't have locks on your lockers for your stuff. Have fun at gym!


I'm sure you are wondering about lunch. Well there is commens that is served in the lunchroom you get your own food. There is also district meal that is served next to the office they serve you. You can also bring cold and still get Al a Carte. There are 8 people to a table at lunch so you can sit with your friends. There is also Al a carte that costs extra money you can buy it at either district or commens. they have like cookies, snapple, baggels, chips, fruit snacks, water, juice ect. There is also the sucker sale and the book fair that occurs during lunch only every quarter. You can't stop at your locker after lunch for your jacket so bring everything you need to lunch. Recess is after lunch so you burn off everything you just ate! That is what I think you need to know about lunch.


Recess is kind of different from your elementary school. In Lineville there isn't a playground. So this is what we do… We play basketball, football, dodgeball with two houses at a time in the field but only in summer because in winter it's wet and spring it's wet too. We also play tetherball, there's also kickball, you can also play 4-square, tetherball and you can also chat with your friends. Our recess is about 15 minutes those are some things you can do at recess. I have fun at recess I mean it's a lot different from elementary school but it's still fun.
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Are you a person who doesn't get much exercise after school? Well here are some solutions… First there is after school skills and drills basketball for both boys and girls. There is also cross country and archery for six grade only. Are you someone with little siblings? Well there is a solution there is a Red Cross babysitting class for 11+. There is also a movie club if you enjoy movies, you can also play after school with your friends. Another fun after school activity is volleyball both boys and girls can do it. I enjoyed the after school activities that performed at Lineville.


  • Positives
Have you heard about Lineville's discipline minors and majors? Well they're not that struck there are some positives to it… You could have house parties, I can clubhouse we had a movie and popcorn, dodgeball,capture the flag, ice cream sundae. If you don't have a house in which a school incentives like we had, The school dance, bouncy houses, games and a movie. We also give out blue acknowledgement cards. Those are tickets that at the end of the week (Friday) we always count tickets up to see how many you have. If you get 30 you get a token. A token could be a late homework pass, do you half of a assignment, listen to music, eat with the teacher with a friend and free pencils.

  • Negatives
Alright enough of the fun stuff now we have to cut some slack you can get minors a minor is something minor like talking back to the teacher, disrespecting the teacher or your classmates etc. There are also noons and noons are where you go to a classroom and eat your lunch in there. But you have to get your homework done from the previous day. You also get a minor when you go to noon for either forgetting your homework or not doing it. A major is getting 3 minors or a major thing like getting in a fight etc. A MASH stands for After School suspension I am not quite sure how you get those. So watch out for bad stuff at Lineville and try to be your best to get prizes/insensitives.

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I hope this helped you get over your nervousness for Lineville. Good luck and have fun at Lineville!
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