Reflective Writing

By: Sophia Panagiotopoulos

4) Did you find that you played with the negative or positive choices? Why? What lessons stood out to you, and how do they apply to your life?

I found myself playing around with the negative and positive choices. I sometimes choose the negative choices because I want to see how that would effect what happened to that character next. I choose the positive because I liked to see the outcomes of making a positive decision. I think that the lesson that stood out to me the most was the cat/ leopard character because she was getting a lot of texts about people telling her to go try an app that she didn't make a profile for. Sometimes I get texts/ notifications that people have been inviting me to join or tryout some app that I have never even heard of. I will try not to because I know it will most of the time be pretty dumb, but sometimes I will ease into the pressure and go to it anyway just to see.

6) Where there any characters or situations that prompted you to think twice about particular digital behaviors? How so? Which lessons worth you pass on to a younger sibling or friend?

The character that made me really think twice wold have to be the unicorn girl or the bull because they really made me think twice before posting and image or comment. In the unicorn lesson we had to make her a portfolio for her job interview. In the game we had to choose what images and comments we wanted to post, but we had to make sure we made the right decision. In the lesson with the bull we had to choose what pictures and sonorous we wold want to be sent to his friends. If you send the wrong picture or sonorous to the wrong friend that could leave you embarrassed for a very long time. I would defiantly tell my siblings and friends to think before you post anything because it could literally interfere with you getting a job or it could leave you embarrassed to go online.

8) Can you make any personal connections to the story? Think about a particular decision or ending. How did it relate to your real life?

I think that I could connect to the flower girl because she has a friend that a dating a boy and that is all she can think about. I once had a friend that had a boyfriend and that is all you would hear come out of her mouth. I knew that it was a big distraction form school and that he would breakup with her anyways. In the game she has to decide to go confront him or to do it online. I choose for her to do it in person. In my life I did it over text. Big mistake. He took it the wrong way and he wouldn't talk to me at school. I think the better decision would be to talk to someone in person so that they could hear you tone of voice and body language.