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Resignation of Executive Director

Hello Everyone,

I am sad to say that I will be stepping down from my Executive Director position with the Huntingburg Chamber of Commerce. No one ever likes to give up on anything. I don't, especially when I knew others had such high hopes for me and I wanted so much to succeed for them. It is for my own personal reasons that I am leaving the Chamber.

I do hope that I made a good impact somewhere in working for the chamber. I want to thank anyone who has lent me a helping hand or taken a moment to listen to what I have had to say. I will stay involved in my community however I can because I do wish to see it grow and blossom like I know it will.

Thank you all again.

Elizabeth Wertman

A few of my favorite moments that I got to do while working here at the Chamber.

Thank you all again!

Reply from the Chamber

We would like to thank Elizabeth for her time and effort she has done as the Executive Director, we wish her all the best in her new endeavors.

During her time with the Chamber, Elizabeth has advanced the chamber's technology base, redesigning the website, creating a new format for our e-newsletter, as well as updating and pulling a new audience to our social media pages. Elizabeth also brought new ideas to our events. The City Wide Yard Sale had a new electronic map for yard sale shoppers to use to find their bargains. At the Farmer's Market she showed customers new recipes to cook with their homegrown veggies, thus creating, "Cooking with the Chamber."

At this time the executive committee will be meeting to decide on the next step in filling the Executive Director position.

We thank you again Elizabeth for all the work you have done for the Chamber.

Al Mihajlovits


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