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An Update from Ms. Lytle | February 2020

Hello Spartans,

My name is Kandace Lytle, and I am the new College & Career Counselor at STEM! I am excited to share resources related to the college and career application process via my weekly newsletter.

Below you will find information related to the College & Career events occurring on our campus! I have also included information related to SAT & ACT Testing, Naviance, and scholarship search tools. I hope you find this resource a helpful guide to preparing our students for their futures.

Juniors: I will be meeting with you in January to begin discussing the college application process. Please make sure you know how to log-in to Naviance and that your contact information in Naviance is correct.


Kandace Lytle

STEM School Highlands Ranch

College & Career Counselor

STEM Family Alumni College Advice Survey

I would like to host a College Advice Alumni Panel for our underclassmen and their parents.

I intend to host the panel in May when most colleges release and STEM is still in session. We have many STEM alumni from various institutions and majors willing to return to share their experience and knowledge with current STEM families!

The purpose of this survey is to gather how many STEM families would be interested in participating and potential questions families would like panelists to answer.

How To Sign FERPA in Common App

You must sign your FERPA in order for teachers and counselors to upload letters of recommendation and other documents.


All College Visits will take place in the College & Career Center, Room 240.
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RMACAC College Fair

Sunday, March 29th, 12-2:30pm

9300 East Union Avenue

Greenwood Village, CO

For registration and more information visit:

Denver, Colorado

Sunday, March 29th, 2020

12:00 - 2:30 p.m.

Cherry Creek High School

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Sunday, June 7th, 1-4pm

Location: The University of Denver - Gates Fieldhouse 2201 E. Asbury Ave. Denver, CO 80208

Questions to Ask on a College Visit


• What are the application deadlines for admission?
• Do you offer Early Decision or Early Action?
• What is the average high school GPA of the entering freshman class?
• Do you accept AP credit? Is there a limit?
• When do I have to declare a major?
• What if I do not meet admission requirements?
• Do you accept transfer credits? Is there a limit?

• What is the average class size of introductory classes?
• What is the average class size of upper-level classes?
• What is the largest class on campus? What is the smallest?
• What are the most popular majors?
• What types of internships are available?
• Are there study abroad opportunities available?
• How do you assign faculty advisors to students, especially those who are not sure about
their major?
• What is the student to faculty ratio?
• What opportunities are there for undergraduate research and funding?
• How many students participate in undergraduate research?
• Do you have an Honors College? Is there a separate application for it?
• Do you have a learning community, learning dorm, or other freshman experiences that I
should be aware of?
• What type of tutoring programs do you have?
• What additional academic services are offered to students (career counseling, mock
interviews, study skills workshops, etc.)?
• Do you have a writing center on campus?
• What is your four-year graduation rate? What does it take to graduate in four years?
• What percentage of your freshmen return their sophomore year?

Financial Aid & Scholarships:
• When is the priority deadline for financial aid applications?
• What kind of financial aid is available?
• What percentage of your students receive financial aid from the university?
• What types of scholarships are available to freshmen?
• What is your average financial aid package?
• What work-study opportunities are there?

Campus Life:
• What percentage of your students live on campus?
• What kind of dorm choices are there?
• What percentage of the study body belong to a sorority or fraternity?
• What organizations and extra-curricular activities do you have on campus?
• What events are popular on campus?
• Is there transportation on and off campus? Is it easy to get to town and/or home?
• What is the climate during the school year?
• What is your relationship with the community like?
• What do students do in their free time?
• How are roommates selected?
• How does the meal plan work?

Questions to Ask Current Students:
• Why did you decide to attend this college?
• What was your freshman experience like?
• Do you feel there is a strong support / transition program for freshmen students?
• What is your favorite thing about this college? Least favorite?
• Where is your favorite study place on campus?
• Where is your favorite place to eat on campus? Off campus?
• What are you studying here? How did you choose your major?
• If you could change one thing about this college, what would it be?
• What sort of campus events does the college host?
• Do you have advice for an incoming freshman?
• How approachable are the staff/faculty/administration?
• How would you describe the community and atmosphere?
• What clubs or extracurricular activities do you recommend?
• Did anything surprise you when you became a student?
• Who is your favorite professor or what is your favorite class you have taken?

Ms. Lytle's FAFSA Newsletter

Click here for a newsletter full for FAFSA resources!

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Go to The website offers the FAFSA How-To Guide in several languages, along with links and resources for both parents and students!

To file your FAFSA go to:

Internship Opporutnities

Career Opportunities

Highlands Ranch Community Association Job Fair

HRCA is looking for lifeguards, swim instructors, camp counselors, aquatic birthday party hosts, backcountry program instructors, youth sports onsite supervisors, and more!

Links to Scholarship Applications

Avalon Tech Joint Scholarship

$1000 due March 31, 2020

Digiteum Internet of Things Scholarship

For engineering and computer science students. $2000 - Deadline, April 1, 2020

Highlands Ranch Community Scholarship Fund

$2500 scholarship - Deadline March 2, 2020

Lockheed Martin Vocational Scholarship

Awarding up to $6,600. The scholarship will fund degrees at accredited technical schools to prepare students for careers in technology and/or advanced manufacturing that does not require a bachelor’s or advanced degree. Deadline March 12, 2020.

Lockheed Martin STEM Scholarship

Aerospace Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Computer Engineering, Computer Science, Systems Engineering, Math, Physics, Information Systems majors. Due March 12

oxyGEN Scholarship Application

Demonstrate a passion for a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math) topic, but they are NOT required to be pursuing a degree in a STEM field DEADLINE February 28, 11:59 pm

Technique Online Learning Scholarship

$1000 - Deadline August 1, 2020

Vowelor Scholarship

$1000 - Deadline March 31, 2020

Military Information

What is Naviance?

How do I log in and gain access?

Students: To log in to Naviance go to:

Click Sign In

Click Students & Families

Enter Zipcode 80129

Parents: If you have not logged in before, please e-mail Kandace Lytle for your access code to set up an account.You will only be able to see what your child does in Naviance. You will not be able to add or change anything. Students will need to log in using their information in order to participate in anything within the system.