By: Jasmine Attar

Biography of Giorgione (a painter)

  • When was he born? 1477-1478
  • Where was he born? Castelfranco Veneto, Italy
  • Where was his life spent? Italy
  • Who educated him? Educated by Giovani Bellini, Leonardo da Vinci
  • How was his lifestyle? High Renaissance style Venetian Painter
  • What are some of his pieces of art? The Tempest, Sleeping Venus, Castelfranco Madonna
  • Who was paying him for his art? People from Castelfranco bought his art
  • What Ism(s) relate to Giorgione? Why? Natrualism, Humanism. Naturalism because he used oils paints and was natural with his pieces
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The Three Philosophers (works cited)

  • Castelfranco, Giorgione. The Three Philosophers. 1508-1509. Oil on canvas. Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien, Austria.
  • Castelfranco, Giorgione. The Boy With the Arrow. 1505. Poplar Wood. Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien, Austria.
  • Castelfranco, Giorgione. Portrait of a young man. Late 15th Century. Painting. Alte Pinakothek Munich, Germany.

Renaissance Work

  • Name of the piece? The Three Philosophers
  • Date it was created? 1508-1509
  • Where you can see this piece today?Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien, Austria
  • Something significant about this piece? Yes, Giorgione used paints, oil paints, and wood. His works are notable for their poetic qualities.
  • Describe the piece in your own words: This piece of art has natural colors to it. Giorgione included a lot of detail to make the philosophers look like real humans. There is one old philosopher, one young one, and a middle-aged one. This might have been included in the painting to show different generations of the philosopher.
  • "Ism" closely linked to this piece? Naturalism is the ism closely linked to this piece because Giorgione used Oil paints to make the piece of art and used natural colors throughout the whole piece.
  • What I find Interesting about this piece is... I find this work of art so interesting because this was one of the last paintings Giorgione painted from his death caused by the plague. Also because of all the time and effort that was put into this painting.