sprite and alka - seltzer project

by emory norris, dorien brady, maxwell conner

Do alka - seltzer dissolve faster in cold or hot sprite?

hypothesis: I believe that the hot sprite will dissolved the fastest


independent : the temp.

dependent variable: it dissolve faster


  • Sprite
  • alka - seltzer
  • plastic beaker
  • glass beaker
  • heater


  1. Pour 70 ml of cold sprite in the plastic beaker
  2. Take the temperature
  3. Put the alka - seltzer in the cup and time it to see how long it will take to dissolves
  4. take the temperature with the alka - seltzer
  5. Next turn on the heater all the way up to 10
  6. Put another 70 ml of sprite in the glass beaker
  7. let in seat there for a min.
  8. take the temperature
  9. put the alka - seltzer in the cup
  10. wait for it to dissolve
  11. take the temp.


the amount of sprite and 1 tab of A.S