Grade 2 News

Newsletter #2: How we Organize Ourselves

UOI 1: How we Organize Ourselves

Transdisciplinary Theme

How we organize Ourselves

An inquiry into the interconnectedness of human-made systems and communities; the structure and function of organizations; societal decision-making; economic activities and their impact on humankind and the environment.

Central Idea

We make economic choices to meet our needs and wants

Lines of Inquiry

  • (Connection) How technology influences the economy
  • (Causation) Producers and Consumers
  • (Responsibility) Responsible economic decision making

What We Have Learned This Unit.....


  • Now that we have mastered our math routines, how to use our math tools and what resources we have in the classroom Students have begun adding and subtracting using number bond strategies with two digits.
  • Students have also learned about how to read money, different coin values, and have begun adding and subtracting flat dollar amounts when adding and subtracting money.
  • Students have also been exploring math in books, as well as through our key concept of 'Connection' by inquiring how addition and subtraction are connected!

English Language Arts

In English Language Arts

  • So far this unit we have been meeting individually with Mrs Walcott during our reading time so that we can establish each students reading levels- students will be grouped in a variety of ways throughout the year and not necessarily only by this reading level. Students have mastered the routines of working on Writing and Reading to Self and are now independent with both. Students get a chance to read and write EVERYDAY through our literacy program called Daily 5.
  • We have also started our Reading log program through Book-It which is a reading incentive program in which students are able to earn free pizza for reading! Students will read at their convenience but should read at least an hour a week! This should be documented on the reading log and sent in at the end of the month signed by parents.
  • Students have also been assigned their own mastery words- these words will be assessed each week and students need to be able to read, spell, and write with these words in order to be considered mastered. Students will progress through the words at their own rates and can move quickly through these words if they are studying them at home.
  • For more information on any of these please check managebac as the description of each is written on the calendar under each assignment!

Science & Social Studies


  • In Science students have worked through the engineering design process to create a guinea pig leach. Students identified a problem (taking Smore for a walk to give him excercise) and have two options buy it (which costs money) or design it.....Students researched different designs, came up with ideas and have been putting their designs together and testing them and then making corrections! See the Design Process Model Below that we have been following through with this project. In the end we will see how our model holds up and compares to the option of purchasing a leash so we can discuss what kind of economic choice we should make.

Social Studies:

  • In Social Studies students have been exploring concepts in economy, students have learned new vocabulary like economy, producers, consumers, Debit Cards, Checks, allowance, barter, and budget! Students have learned about economic choices through DOING them each week by earning money and paying bills. Students have also explored how technology plays an intricate role in the economy because we use it to buy goods and services and we also buy technology itself! Students have also learned about different types of markets from online, to farmers markets and everything in between!

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Arabic, Quran and Islamic Studies

Guess what we have been up to?

  • Students have been learning surat Al-Mutaffifiin by learning the Islamic Ethics of trade and relationship between the seller and the buyer in the market.
  • Students learned market's vocabulary ( souq). In small groups students played the role of sellers and buyers at our souq (market) and spoke in complete Arabic sentences with clear pronunciation asking about things and their prices in the market (Souq) by using the grammar rules.
  • Students learned the ordinal numbers 1st to 5th .

  • Students have been working on their Arabic handwriting skills by writing vocabulary and Duaas
  • Students have been working in their Arabic reading skills by reading surat Al-Mulk and short Arabic stories.
  • Students have been learning charity and Wudu and Salah by practicing with all the verbal steps.

Upcoming Events

Here are some things to look forward to!

  • Spelling Bee pledge forms sent home 10/23/17
  • Inquiry Passports Due Tuesday October 31st
  • Reading Logs Due Tuesday October 31st
  • Neighbor basket Collections begin 10/30/17